Modern Crown Cornice Board

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Modern Cornice Board is the unique touch of the traditional windows decoration with different designs and creativity. Bring your thoughts to make it more colorful and distinct for better indoor decor. Buy them online and save more on free shipping.

It is obvious that you easily bored with everyday old school method or old school décor. To make a change in your mood and indoor, we introduce a stylish and modern day Modern Cornice Boards for your windows to make them refined and fresh. The artistic touch of elegant design and subtle depth makes these boards a distinct jewelry for your home windows. They hide your windows hardware and provide you a clean and neat look. They not only intensify the beauty of your windows; they display your style with modern generation’s perspective.

You have all the elements ready at your doorstep once you select our product. In the case of the cornice board, we advise you to choose a modern design that suits your contemporary feel. You represent your modern society and live a modern lifestyle. So, it is crucial for you to carry the same aroma even for your windows and indoor. These cornice boards are the best-suited decorative elements for your interior with refined design and great finesse. The different fabric design and color will make your job easier to make it brighter and shiner while using them on the top of the window frames. The matching dust cap and upholstery fabrics always come with this product by default. You can make little bit customization by adding the bottom fringe or cords. With your imagination, you can add a “wow” factor to these boards by putting different themes, design and color. You can apply your own creativity by giving a car or cartoon shape to your boards for your kids’ rooms. You can even go for the different shapes for putting different decorative stuffs to make it more majestic. The different stripes are also available like classic stripe, subtle stripe and country club stripe. So, choose your own color, theme and design to bring your creativity to make it very modern and contemporary to suit your urban mood and style.


- Upholstery fiber fill and decorative fabric are supported by an all wood frame
- Matching dust cap cover is always included
-Lines of cornice shape will elongate with wider widths
- Minimum width: 24”
- Includes 1/2” self cording along bottom edge
- Must add a minimum of + 2” to your window frame width when ordering (made to the exact 1/2”)
-4” return is recommended for mounting over blinds and shades
- 7” return is recommended for mounting over drapery treatments
- Upgrade with cord or fringe on the bottom edge for a more custom look
- 52”W and above will have vertical seams. Fabric will not be railroaded; it is only made up the roll.
- Upholstered Cornice Boards 72”W and above will be hinged.

How to Measure

Measuring this product is a quick and easy process, just follow the instructions and you will be on your way to saving money and having great windows.

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How to Install

Installing this product is a painless and simple process. You are mere steps away from making your windows look absolutely gorgeous; so get cracking and make it happen.

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Cleaning Methods

This product can be safely cleaned by:
Dry Cleaning
Soil removal and spot cleaning

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Five year limited manufacturer warranty

This product is warranted against original defects in materials or workmanship as long as the original purchaser owns the product.

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Product Specifications

Minimum & Maximum Measurement

Min Width: 24"
Max Width: 144"
Min Height: 12"
Max Height: 16"
Available Options

- Trim (Optional)

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