Lisbon, Portugal – 30" X 24"

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cityscape, Lisbon city, coastal city, white buildings, blue sky, acrylic painting

An original acrylic painting by Lisa M P. An up and coming artist from Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. Size of the art piece is 30″ x 24″. The painting was mainly done using a knife and brush.

The south-western European country of Portugal boasts of a rich history and cultural legacy. It is one of the oldest countries of Europe, bordered by the Atlantic Ocean on one side and Spain on the other. Lisbon is the capital city of Portugal and the largest city of the country located on the Atlantic coast. The artist has recreated the beauty of Lisbon city on the canvas. The painting is a cityscape which shows buildings painted in white and red along the sea coast. In Lisbon most of the buildings are painted white with red or brown slanted roof. The painting shows several buildings stacked together, interposed with trees against the light blue sky with white clouds and the gorgeous blue shade of the Atlantic Ocean which is the highlight of the city. White color has been used to denote the waves on the ocean. It painting shows a pretty coastal urban city. An original hand-painted acrylic painting, it is done using brushes and knife.

The painting is available in a size of 24” * 30” and is big enough to be used in large and medium sized rooms. with the right lighting and position, the painting can become the focal point of the room.

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