Light Filtering Roller/Solar Shades

Light Filtering Shades - Roller - Solar Shades

If you want to enjoy more control over the lighting in your home, Light Filtering Roller Solar Shades and other Light Filtering Shades are the perfect answer.

Many window treatments give just two options- to either let in the light fully or block it out. But privacy and light control are in your control with the Light Filtering Roller-Solar Shades from renowned window covering making brands like Graber, Crown and other manufacturers. Designed from quality materials to block out the harmful UV rays and sun glare yet allowing the freedom to look outside and enjoy the view.

At we offer a range of Light Filtering Roller Shades and Solar Shades as well as other Light Filtering shades for every window and room of your home. With our extensive and low-cost collections, transform the look of your windows and your home!


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  1. LightWeaves Graber Roller Shades 44
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    LightWeaves® Graber® Roller Shades

    100% Polyester

    Same Color Street Side

    Usable Fabric width up to 76"

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Advantages of Light filtering Shades - Roller - Solar Shades

Light control and privacy are perhaps the essential aspects to consider when choosing window coverings and Light Filtering Shades are the perfect solution for this.

  • The specially made material offers UV protection to your art, electronics and furniture from sun damage.
  • They block out the glare on your screens.
  • They’re easy to clean and simple to install.
  • Light Filtering Shades offer the privacy of indoors, making them effective privacy shades.
  • They create a very flattering glow in every room by allowing soft, diffused light in.
    • Available in various lift options - cordless lift option, Continuous loop, valance
    • The mounted cordless lift option prevents any hanging cords ensuring child safety

Control Light with Light Filtering Shades

Light filtering Roller Solar Shades come in different levels of light filtering ability. You can choose Light Filtering Shades manufactured to block out up to 75% of light in your sunny living room or translucent roller blinds created to block out 25% or 50% of light for your kitchen, where you may need more light.

Light Filtering Roller Shades are easy to clean, simple to install and easy to use.

They roll out of the way easily when you need to let in full light and come clean with a few wipes of a dust cloth.

Quality sun filtering shades can last for years, lending beauty and comfort to your home.

If you are ready to screen out sunshine and UV with Light filtering Roller Solar Shades, has everything you need to get started. Price may vary depending on the brands and the light filtering capability. If you need a little inspiration, we have plenty of information about each shade, so you can picture the final look. Once you’re ready to order, is ready to save you money. In fact, with savings like ours, you just might want to make over every window in your house.

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