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Security is the biggest concern when there is a child at home. Be it any room in the house, your kid should play freely without any worry of hazards. So to ensure Child Safety and peace of mind, opt for shades with cordless or motorized mechanisms, as they don't have any dangling cords. At ZebraBlinds we hope to make this possible with the highest safety standard Kids Window Treatments for your home.

These motorized shades come in a variety of designs and fabric collections, so play around to create a whimsical and protective room for your child. Choose the blackout fabrics for your nursery or kids room to completely block out the light and get uninterrupted nap time for your kid, any time of day.


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    Mirage Blackout Cellular Shades Crown
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Are You Worried about Child Safety?

As parents, it’s normal to worry about your kid’s safety. Don’t fret, come to the world of window blinds and shades at ZebraBlinds and get the best window coverings for your kid’s room. Your shade should offer UV protection and safe operation without dangling cords. Here are a few of the best products in the market that provide these features:

  1. To get complete insulation in the play/kids room, Cordless Cellular Shades with blackout fabrics are a great bet. With their superior insulation and cordless mechanism, these shades protect your child from the extreme heat, cold, and harmful UV rays from outside. With the Cordless Top Down Bottom Up mechanism, manage light inside the room like never before.
  2. For enhanced solar protection and exciting fabric designs, you should look at the Cordless Roller Shades. With smart lift options and varying degrees of light filtering percentages, Roller Shades are a stylish option for any room in the house, especially your kid’s room.
  3. When considering the play area, it is best to go with blinds as they are very sturdy and resistant to rough conditions. One-touch Aluminum Blinds are an excellent choice for these playrooms as they are long lasting due to resistance to moisture, dust, stains, and whatever else your child might spill on it.

With so with many technologically advanced innovations, it's easy to secure your child's play space. At affordable prices and with riveting designs, we at ZebraBlinds will help you to transform your kid's room into their own little paradise.

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