Ivory Roller Solar Shades

Roller or Solar window shades are effective and well designed window treatments that are strong and durable. Many different textures and fabrics varying from light filtering to blackout are available with this type of shade to control the amount of privacy and daylight.

Choose  Ivory Roller Solar Shades if you love simplicity. As ivory is one of the most neutral looking colors, these window treatments make your home look bright and beautiful. The Ivory Roller Solar Shades help you complement your existing home decor. They create a simple yet stylish look to your home.


Custom Roller Solar Shades

You can customize these beautiful window treatments based on your home’s needs. If you want to have a bright room, choose a light filtering fabric which is available in various colors and weaves. You can also select these window treatments based on the openness level of the fabric (on solar shades only). The openness of these window treatments represents the transparency which allows you to view outside. If you want to create a dark room, choose blackout fabric that blocks all the light entering your home and makes it dark. These fantastic window treatments offer excellent privacy, temperature and light control in your home. The blackout fabric allows more privacy and greater temperature control than that of the light filtering ones. These window treatments finely filter the light and block all the harmful and dangerous Uv rays from entering your home that could cause damage to your skin.