Grommet Drapery Panels

Grommet drapery panels are an extremely versatile choice of window fashion, especially for those who don’t want the hassle of browsing through multiple window dressing options. The sensible and functional grommets are riveted on to circles punched onto drapery headers to make for its smooth movement on a traverse drapery pole. At once fuss-free as you can simply take them off its rod and dump them into a washing machine to clean, grommet drapes are also endlessly modern in its appearance, owing to its clean simple lines, accenting both formal and informal interiors. You can use them on a double rod system with grommet sheers to make for a more window drama if you choose; you could also match them to roller or cellular shades for better insulation efficiency and privacy. Pick out drapery hardware that accentuates and stylizes your grommet drapery panels. Whether in offices or homes, you could put them to use with ease!


Crown grommet drapery panels are fitted with grommets of 2.5” outer diameter that would accommodate drapery rods of 1.25” diameter. The grommets available come in three finishes – antique brass, oil-rubbed bronze, and satin nickel. Match grommets to a choice from an incredible array of drapery fabric texture, prints, and colors. For e.g., match the oil-rubbed bronze grommets to the blue ticking stripe fabric – this will also help pick out other bronze elements you might have in a room, like door handles or lamp and lighting fixtures, framed pictures, etc.

Match this striped fabric to the Rio-sea spray fabric and have them mounted on a double rod drapery system – the fabric next to the window may be lined with a standard lining that will reflect light and protect the drapery fabric, while the fabric facing the room may be lined with a privacy lining made of 100% polyester in white for privacy at night when the lights are on inside, as it’s woven with a blackout material that creates optimum darkness when drawn closed, even during the day; the polyester fabric makes for insulation against the cold as well.

Draw the panels facing the room open during the day while leaving the inner drapes closed for privacy, allowing soft filtered light through the closed drapes. The grommets allow the curtains to be drawn across the rod smoothly, with utter ease.

When deciding on the size of the panels, take into consideration the overhang of the drapery poles and for optimal fullness of drapes when hung, go for a 2.5”:1 drapery to window ratio. Mount the drapery rod well above the windows – this makes for a wonderful illusion of spaciousness in a room, and make windows appear larger when the drapes are hung; the overhang on either side of the windows allows for curtains to be drawn well away from the window panes, leaving them entirely naked to view. Having the drapes bracket windows outside their frames also makes for better insulation as this cuts down on the cold creeping around the window frames. Having the drapes pool on the floor adds to the insulating factor.