Green Pleated Window Shades

Pleated window shades are one of the most stylish and efficient types of window treatments. They are very strong, and they are unique. These fantastic window treatments dress up your home in style and make it look gorgeous. Besides being the center of attraction for your home, these window treatments work efficiently in blocking the harsh sunlight entering your home. They offer all the necessary benefits as any other window treatments but with a unique look. These beautiful window treatments provide excellent heat dissipation and can make your home energy efficient; helping in cutting down the energy costs. This way, they help you save on energy expenses.

These excellent, efficient window treatments are incredibly affordable. They also offer you two types of pleat and two different pleat sizes. The standard pleated or fashion pleat shades rely on the fabric to naturally open, while the even pleat has a ladder system which ensures each pleat is always the same size when the shade is closed. They are also available in one inch and two inch pleat sizes. These window treatments are very similar to cellular shades in design but offer larger pleats. Hence they look more attractive and are highly affordable.

If you love the beauty of green colors, choose Green Pleated Window Shades for your room and decorate your home to look as pleasant as possible. Green color regulates positive ambiance in your home and makes it look beautiful. Green is prevalent outside your homes, and if you’re a nature lover, is a great color to bring a reminiscence of nature into your home or room.

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