Green Day And Night Cellular Shades

The day and night cellular shade is constituted of two cellular shades joined with a lightweight middle rail. The light shade enables you to let in light from above while blocking glare that causes distraction and make us feel uncomfortable. Leave the light filtering fabric opened during the day to allow the sun without compromising privacy. Raise the room darkening or blackout fabric at during the day or night for perfect darkness and sleep. The light filtering fabric also gives a room a soft radiance as it penetrates into your room, while the room darkening or blackout fabric creates a dark ambiance in your room.

The day nightshade is offered in a variety of colors coordinating fabric pairs (some shades let you pick and match any which way as well). However, you need to be careful about which colors you choose since the last thing you want is for a set of fabrics that don’t match together at all. If you are someone who loves the outdoors and likes to go hiking, camping or cottaging, choose Green Day And Night Shades for your doors and windows. The Green Day And Night Cellular Shades create a perfect pleasant ambiance that brings just a bit of the greenery from the outdoors into your home. As green is the color that is associated with nature,these window treatments will bring the right earthy tone inside.


Cordless Green Day Night Cellular Shades

Go cordless for a better and simple operation of these beautiful window treatments. The cordless lift mechanism is simple to install and easy to operate. To operate the shade, move the bottom rail up or down with your hand. The smooth handles at the bottom and middle rails will allow you to move the light filtering and room darkening fabrics based on how much light you need coming inside.

These Green Day And Night Cellular Shades are available with corded or cordless lift systems and a multitude of colors to choose from.

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