Grey Vertical Cellular Shades

Vertical cellular shades are one of the most efficient window treatments you could have for your home. They offer safety, privacy, and protection for your home. They block the harsh sunlight that causes damage to your health and home and they protect you from the dangerous effects of the UV rays. They also block the heat and cold during the summers and winters and protect your home by offering temperature control. When you choose these window treatments for your home, make sure that you select the right color so that they match your decor and your home's ambiance.


Light Filtering Grey Vertical Cellular Shades

If you have sliding glass doors installed in your home, add style to your home with our Grey Vertical Cellular Shades. Install Grey Vertical Shades For Sliding Doors and see the magic they bring to your home windows. As sliding glass doors let in an immense amount of light, heat and cold to your home, they require proper coverage to maintain a comfortable atmosphere. Grey Vertical Cellular Shades on your sliding glass doors give you ultimate temperature control, beauty, and light control. They insulate your home and make it energy efficient. They make your sliding glass doors even more beautiful and functional.