Dual Blackout Roller Solar Shades

The Dual window shades are one of the most beautiful and excellent window treatments. As these window treatments have two layers, they let you to create two different types of ambiances in your room. They are the perfect choice for the rooms like bedrooms and media rooms where you may require two types of fabrics. The light filtering fabric of these window treatments is highly UV resistant. It is capable enough of filtering the harsh sun light and making you feel comfortable with the soft light that is penetrating through your windows. The blackout fabric of these window treatments is great in darkening your room by block all the light from entering your room. You can make your room totally dark during the nights to get a better sleep and more secure privacy. During the daytime, you can brighten up your room by rolling down the light filtering fabric of this shade.


Dual Motorized Roller Shades

Dual Motorized Roller Shades offer greater level of luxury to your home and easy operation of the window treatments. You dont have to reach out to your window treatments every time you want to operate them. For a simple and sophisticated look choose Gray Dual Window Shades. The Grey color window treatments create a striking look for your home. If you are looking for the best of these shades, pick up Graber Dual Roller Shades as they are made up of top quality materials.