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Graber Plantation Shutters

With sunny days around the corner, are you looking for an economical way to protect your house? You should check out the Plantation Shutters from well-known window makers Graber. 

These Graber plantation shutters are one of the most classic styles to adorn and decorate your windows. Made of premium quality wood, they ensure a long-lasting appeal to the overall look of your window coverings. Graber, a renowned brand with seven decades of business in window furnishings have revolutionized the market with this new product line of Shutters offering brilliance and function at once. With Graber Plantation Shutters and Graber blinds, you don't have to compromise style over privacy or comfort anymore. These wood shutters are made in Grayling, Michigan plant of Spring Window Fashions with North American Hardwood.


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    Traditions Wood Shutters Graber

    Made in NorthAmerica

    North American bass wood

    Polypropylene coating

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Unique Features of Graber Plantation Shutters

So wondering what makes the Graber Plantation Shutters an investment rather than an expense?

  • Graber Plantation Shutters are made from exceptional quality North American hardwoods, each wood individually inspected.
  • Source of woods for these shutters are responsibly managed forests.
  • The coating of Polypropylene ensures that the color and the finesse of these window coverings stay intact for long.
  • Sawdust and wood shavings are recycled ensuring a greener future.
  • Uniquely designed to prevent any warping, fading or cracking.
  • Come with a wide assortment of colors, paints, styles, and options to suit your personality.
  • The slats of these shutters are solid and they can restrict the sunlight on the outside without letting them inside when the slats are in the closed position, thereby, helping to maintain moderate temperature and privacy in your home.
  • During the summers and the winters, keep the slats open to stream in an adequate amount of sunlight to make your home cozy.

So while a lot of other window treatments are available on the market, these Shutters make a standout statement with their refined look and simple functionality. With outstanding craftsmanship and timeless appeal, these different wood stains can seamlessly match with any existing indoor furnishings giving your home a natural splendor and unrivaled elegance.

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