Graber Shutters

Graber interior shutters are thoughtfully crafted window treatments that are a great way to add a timeless warmth to your home. Custom shutters are crafted to your specifications to perfectly fit your window and frame. Their beautiful and large slats add texture and depth to your room, while providing excellent light control and privacy. And these Graber blinds are also available in a variety of specialty shapes to fit a variety of windows. Whether you go for wood Graber plantation shutters or composite shutters, these window coverings are an investment in quality and style for your home.


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  1. Traditions Wood Shutters Graber 39
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    Traditions Wood Shutters Graber

    Made in NorthAmerica

    North American bass wood

    Polypropylene coating

    Hide-a-tilt available

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Where are Graber shutters made?

Graber wood shutters are manufactured with 100% North American hardwood that provides their unique and natural beauty. Their materials are sourced from sustainable sawmills in Grayling, Michigan. Graber wood shutters are handcrafted using lightweight, rigid, and rich basswood, which allows for a beautiful look that lasts in your home for years.

Are Graber wood shutters better than vinyl shutters?

When comparing wood shutters to vinyl shutters, there are two main differences. The first is that wooden Graber shutters are made from sustainable materials and high quality woods. This gives them their distinct and unique grain that cannot be replicated by vinyl. Real wood shutters each have lively and personal characteristics that define their aesthetics. Second is the durability. Graber wood shutters are resistant to warping and cracking as the material naturally breathes and endures. However vinyl shutters are much better at moisture resistance because of their PVC material.

Are Graber plantation shutters still in style?

Whether it is Graber brand or any other, plantation shutters will always be in style due to their timeless and simple look. Their large louvers allow easy view through when needed, or greater privacy when you want them closed. These window coverings give your home a clean and sleek look, with no dangling or cluttered cords. If you are looking for a window treatment that will last you for years and years to come, in both durability and style, then wood shutters are a fantastic choice.

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