Graber Artisan Roman Shades

Roman shades can only be described as neo-classical as they’re a combination of the elegance of traditional soft drapery and the modernity of contemporary shades. They can be raised or lowered like shades can be, allowing for the required light or privacy as it may be, albeit with the toned down the formality of conventional drapery. A lot better than having to deal with the fuss of all that drapery fabric, what with children going to town playing hide and seek in them, and needing constant dry washing to maintain a crisp look! Available in a vast variety of fabric, textures, colors and prints, the Artisan Graber Roman Shades make window dressing an incomparable pleasure. Infinitely easy to use, they come with a variety of operating options, from the standard cord controls to the hyper-efficient motorized controls!


The Artisan Graber Roman Shades are crafted with horizontal ribs at evenly spaced intervals on the body of the fabric or natural woven material used. The ribs are fitted with eyes/rings so that the cords can run through them vertically to allow the shades to be lifted into broad and gentle folds of different styles – the traditional flat-fold style, the looped style and the balloon style –

  • The Classic flat Roman Blinds style - have clean, simple lines with seams on the front. When raised, the shade creates neat folds along the bottom, stacking into a small space.
  • The relaxed Roman Shades style – develops a slight relaxed scallop at the bottom when raised. Soft, pliable fabrics suit this style.
  • The seamless Roman Blinds style – have the seams stitched to the back, allowing the folds of the shade to stack at the back, leaving the front smooth and seamless.
  • Looped Roman Shades style – or hobbled Roman shades allow the pleats to cascade softly from the top.
  • The balloon Roman Shades style – forms soft billowy poufs or scallops at the bottom of the shades when raised as they are crafted with soft fabric wider than the window width.

Bottom Up-Top-Down Roman Shades available in Looped Roman Shades, Classic Flat Roman Blinds, and Seamless Roman Shades Styles. All shade styles are available in a variety of lift systems (except the balloon style which does not come with cordless or motorized options) - standard cord control, cordless lift, continuous-loop lift, and the motorized lift. The corded lift system is also designed with the ever versatile feature - the bottom up/ top down option that allows the shades to be lowered from the upper part for an obscured view, allowing light in only from the top, or they can be raised from the bottom for a clearer view outside. The cordless lift system is ideal for homes with children and pets underfoot as there are no external cords in front of the shades.

The Graber artisan shades come in light filtering fabrics – which allow soft diffused light through, but obscures view except for shadows. You can opt for room darkening lining for use in bedrooms to block a significant amount of light when lowered on a sunny day to create a dark room effect.

Finally, care and maintenance of these shades is quickly executed by vacuuming with the fabric brush nozzle, or dab stains off with a sponge and stain remover, or remove the shades from the window and machine wash, or dry clean for best results