Graber Artisan Drapery

For the ultimate in sinful opulence for your windows, look no further than the Artisan Drapery from Graber! This drapery is crafted with perfection and with a delicate eye for detail (double-turned hems, mitered corners, sewn-in liners, and bottom weights for a beautiful fall), Graber allows you to choose from an exquisite range of fabrics in solids, prints, stripes, jacquards and sheers. Coordinate these panels with top treatments and plump cushions and pillows to achieve elegance par excellence. Go for a drapery fall with a break just above the floor or have it pool on the ground. Opt from a choice of headers like the classic pleat, the straight tab, the modern grommets or the frilly rod pockets. Regulate light and privacy, protect your indoor elements, and insulate your windows using a variety of lining options.


Choose panels to suit any window and create the style that you desire for your home or office, be it elegant or no-fuss, modern or luxurious. Opt from header styles like pleated, rod pocket, grommet, classic tab, wrapped tab, back tab and plain top to enhance/complement interior décor. Decide on the fabric you’d like from an exquisite collection of fabrics in prints, stripes, blocks, jacquards and sheers. Opt for rich fullness and go with the standard of the 2.5:1 fabric to window broadness ratio for the regular panels, and a 3:1 ratio for sheers. The master workmanship of Graber is reflected in the quality of the finish to the drapes –Tailored double turned hems to give extra weight and stability to the panels – bottom hems are 5” double turned, and side hems are 1½” double turned.

Seams of the panels are pattern matched to provide visual continuity, though this is not always possible; seams are also made to fall to the back of a pleat to provide concealment.

Pleated drapery panels (cartridge, four-finger, box, inverted, pinch, and roll pleats) are pre-pinned for ease of installation. The headers are 4” double turned and tailored with a buckram backing. Allow for an additional 10% extra breadth to pleated styles to make for overlaps at the closed position.

Rod pockets are sized based on the size of the drapery panel provided. You could opt for headers that would lend pleasing shirrs to your drapery tops, the size of which should be considered to fit with the size of the drapery rod.

Grommet panels can be fitted with round, square or diamond grommets in finishes of antique gold, black, satin smoke and brushed nickel.

Wrap tabs come with 4” double turned headers, with an option for choosing the decorative wrap fabric in a contrasting color.Straight or contoured tiebacks can be used to swag drapery back from the windows for view and allowing light through. Opt for decorative trims and fringes to create dramatic appeal for windows.

Line your drapes with fabric in cotton or cotton-polyester blends depending on your need for privacy and insulation. Liners lend an incredible tailored appeal to your drapes, while allowing for a great fall.