Graber Aluminum Blinds

Looking for high-quality aluminum blinds? Well culminate your search into a successful find as we bring to you some of the premium quality aluminum blinds that are manufactured by a leading brand Graber which has its esteemed presence in the domain of window furnishings for more than seven decades. Whether you are looking for window coverings for your home or  your office space, these aluminum blinds from Graber are the perfect choice for you. The vibrancy of the colors and the styles in which these aluminum blinds are available needs a special mention as you can now decorate your home without the looming fear of treading on a monotonous decoration routine. You can match the color of these blinds with the existing color theme of your home.You can get great insulation from light with the help of these aluminum blinds.


The quality of the aluminum blinds is such that they are free from any form of molding or warping even in areas where the moisture content is slightly high likes the kitchen, bathrooms, etc. Some of the variants of these blinds are the contemporary styles of mini blinds micro blinds, etc. The quality of these window coverings is such that it does not allow the dust or dirt to settle in on them, thereby, making it easy to clean these blinds with the help of gentle soap water and a damp cloth or sponge. These blinds have a crash-proof cord lock system that makes it suitable for homes with children and pets as there is no scope of accidental tangling, etc. Some of the offerings in this category are as follows- 1 inches Aluminum Insignia Graber® Blinds, ½ inches Aluminum Micro Supreme Graber® Blinds, 1 inch Aluminum Classics Graber® Blinds, 2 inches Aluminum Grandeur Graber® Blinds and many more.

The different sizes of the slats help in gaining effective control of the light and heat that streams into your home, and you can also have sufficient control over the privacy of your home.