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Graber Motorized Window Blinds and Shades Accessories

Luxury is no longer a vanity for the privileged. With Graber's venture into Motorized and Automated Window Treatments, you can get these sophisticated and quality window treatments without breaking the bank. They have now partnered with the best automation and motor specialists Somfy, creating revolutionary Motorized Window Treatments at an affordable price.

These Remote Control Blinds are supported by accessories making them convenient, comfortable and cheap. These Window Blinds and Shades Accessories include remotes and extensions to help make your installation and day-to-day control easier. These add-ons make your life simpler. So grab the right Graber Motorized Window Blind Accessories for your customized shades and have a cozy indoor stay.

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Accessories from Graber include remote controls, wall switches, wind sensors, and more. Each add-on is designed with a specific purpose in mind, thereby enhancing the overall functionality of the smart home treatments.

  • Remote Control Blinds from Graber allow operation anywhere up to 65 feet. This is ideal for hard-to-reach windows.
  • Since operated by remote, no harmful cords are hanging making it the safest choice when kids or pets are around.
  • Somfy remote controls are compact, accessible, and allow multi-channel operations (single, five and sixteen channel available)
  • You can also pre-program shade operations depending on the time of the day with timers to provide automatic protection to interiors, with heat gain/loss, and security.
  • Get ultimate convenience with portable, efficient and low-profile add-ons for your Graber Motorized Blinds. Customize these extras based on your home requirements and enjoy unparalleled peace of mind.