Google Home Smart Blinds & Shades

Google Home Smart Blinds & Smart Shades

With Virtual Cord Smart Shades, controlling your Somfy motorized shades with Google Home Assistant is now easier than ever. These shades can pair directly to a Z-wave smart hub, allowing you to automate your shades, control them with voice commands through Google Home & Google Assistant, or use them with your smartphone. Virtual Cord Smart Shades are one of the only products on the market that allow full control of your shades to any percentage. A Hubitat Elevation or SmartThings hub is required for voice control and smartphone control.

How To Control Your Window Coverings With Your Voice (Google Home)

Example Voice Commands:
  1. “Hey Google, turn on [name of shade/name of group]” - Opens your shades
  2. “Hey Google, turn off [name of shade/name of group]” - Closes your shades
  3. “Hey Google, close [name of shade/name of group]” - Alternative command to close your shades
  4. “Hey Google, set [name of shade/name of group] to [percentage]” - Opens your shades to a certain percentage
How to enable Google Home & Google Assistant control:
  1. Follow the instructions included with your shades and pair them to the SmartThings hub
  2. Go to
  3. Login and then click on My Locations, then click on your hub name. Login again if it asks you to.
  4. Go to My Devices, then click on the device name for the shade
  5. Click on Edit, and under device type choose dimmer switch and save. Repeat step 4 and 5 for every shade.
  6. Google Home should automatically discover the devices and allow control of them. If not please disconnect and reconnect Google Home to SmartThings.
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