Custom Faux Wood Blinds

Made from vinyl PVC foam and a combination of vinyl polymers, Faux Wood Blinds are an excellent economical alternative for the real wooden blinds.Faux Wood Blinds lend the same aesthetic and warm appeal of real wood, are infinitely durable, resistant to dust, and due to being waterproof blinds, resistant to moisture as well. As they do not yellow due to overexposure to the sun, these window blinds are a great choice of use in climates that swing in extremes as they do not warp, rot and crack. Available in pleasant neutral tones and wood stain colors, the faux wood materials help evoke the look of real wood blinds and natural blinds.


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Why Custom Faux Wood Blinds are different from Real Wood Blinds

While both real wood blinds and faux wood blinds render the same artistic look to any room, there are some primary differences between the two window coverings.

  • Real wooden blinds are made from wood, and faux wood blinds are made from vinyl foam.
  • Wood blinds are more expensive than faux wood blinds.
  • Another significant difference is their resistance to moisture. Wooden blinds are not resistant to moisture while Faux Wood Blinds are ideal for damp and humid conditions.
  • Wooden blinds are lighter in weight than faux wood blinds, making them easier to open and close.
  • Wood blinds are not flexible as faux wood blinds.
  • Faux Woods are an eco-friendly option as all the components are recycled after use. Also they are GreenGuard certified to enhance indoor air quality and do not possess any environmental hazard.

One of the best options that provide optimal light control, privacy and insulation at just the tilt of the vanes, Graber’s Best Faux Wood blinds make infinite sense to own.

Special Features of Faux Wood Blinds

Recent market inclinations show that Faux Wood Blinds have increasing demand and are a popular choice amongst the customers. While they provide the look of real wood blinds, they offer a far more flexible option for household purposes. Renowned window covering makers like Graber, Crown, and Norman make excellent quality Faux Wood Blinds engineered to withstand all rigorous functions of your home.

So what makes these Faux wood stand out from Crowd? Here are some of its features:

Durability – As these blinds are resistant to moisture, dust, and overexposure to the sun they are ideal for high humid conditions or even your kitchens, bathrooms. They do not warp, crack or rot with time, so they are an excellent investment for your home.

Color – Available in various shades of black, brown and white colors. They also come with the grain effect. While the original wood grain effect is lost, Faux Wood Blinds are still a tremendous economic substitute.

Also gives optimal light control, privacy and insulation at just the tilt of the vanes. The broader the vane, the better the view afforded – faux wood blinds come in vane sizes of 1 inches, 1.5 inches, 2 inches, and 2.5 inches.

Most of the blinds are available with options such as a cordless blind lift, valance, cloth tapes, and/or no holes features.

Some of the products feature extra attributes:

Like Premium Faux Wood Blinds from Graber are specially engineered to withstand moisture.

And Crown Faux Wood blinds are incorporated with a non-combustible material – they are FR (flame retardant), and GreenGuard certified, so they pose no danger of off-gassing.

1.5-inch Faux Wood Blinds of Crown are made with lightweight slats, the cordless option making them child proof blinds, which are safe for children and pets.

You can utilize these blinds for any windows or French Doors in your home and cord tilt allows the amount of light inside the room. So customize the blinds for your home and enjoy a natural splendor in your space.

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