Exterior Solar Shades

Exterior Solar Shades

If you are looking for sturdy window treatments like Solar Shades for your patio doors, you have come to the right place! Motorized outdoor shades from ZebraBlinds.com are a perfect solution to protect your home from rough outside weather, yet offer comfort without much effort. Shop at ZebraBlinds to enjoy these functional shades at nominal prices, and appreciate your home and outdoor space even more.


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  1. Crown Exterior Solar Shades 40
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    Crown Exterior Solar Shades

    Privacy features standard

    Decorative Valance

    Scratch & moisture resistant

    retail : $266.72
    (61% OFF)
  2. Graber Exterior Solar Shades 43
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    Graber Exterior Solar Shades

    Maintain view, Manage glare

    Block damaging UV rays

    Control temperature

    retail : $248
    (32% OFF)

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Special Features of Outdoor Sun Shades

Most of us love the feel of fresh air and sunlight in the outdoors. But along with that, you get to experience the heat, harmful solar rays, and other effects which cause harm to yourself as well as your household items. To overcome these disadvantages, premium window furnishings brands like Graber and Crown are creating Exterior Solar Shades with a unique combination of fabrics to get the rustic feel and indoor comfort in one go. Some extra distinctive features of these custom outdoor shades include:

  • Fabrics made from polyester material. In Graber shades, a combination of polyester and fiberglass is used.
  • Different openness percentages between 1% to 14% openness to block up to 99% of UV rays.
  • Flame resistant.
  • Blackout exterior solar shades are available with an acrylic foam backing coat.
  • Energy efficient window coverings.
  • High durability - to withstand the outdoor climate.
  • Can be hung outdoors to conserve space.

Many brick-and-mortar stores don’t carry outdoor blinds, but our online store, with its range of window treatments, lets you buy the practical patio blinds apt for your home. With customized measured blinds available at low prices and free samples and free delivery guaranteed, ZebraBlinds.com is the best way to get beautiful patio door privacy shades for your home.

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