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Love your patio, but can't stand the scorching hot sun? Outdoor shades are what you need to help dramatically reduce glare, UV rays, and most of all the uncomfortable heat. By installing window treatments to your patio or porch, you can get sun protection and shade outdoors when you need it most. Choose from a variety of openness options to get perfect fit shades based on your light control and privacy needs. Reclaim your outdoor spaces with outdoor sun shades and create that peaceful retreat outside your home.


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  1. Crown Exterior Solar Shades 40
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    Crown Exterior Solar Shades

    Privacy features standard

    Decorative Valance

    Scratch & moisture resistant

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  2. Graber Exterior Solar Shades 43
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    Graber Exterior Solar Shades

    Maintain view, Manage glare

    Block damaging UV rays

    Control temperature

    retail : $248
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Do outdoor solar shades block harmful UV rays?

Outdoor solar shades are a great option for blocking heat and harmful UV rays. They come in a variety of different openness options from 1% to 15%, which describes how much light and UV they let through, as well as how easy the fabric is to see through. For the most UV and light blockage, go for a lower percentage material that provides better protection and shade.

Which outdoor shades are best for outdoor living spaces?

The best outdoor roller shade depends on your space and your needs. If you want some light protection from sunlight, privacy during the day, but want to see through to your beautiful view, then go for a fabric that has 10% openness or higher. If you want to protect against the hot summer heat and want more privacy at night, go for a 3% or lower fabric.

Choose from a variety of lift controls, including a continuous cord loop or cordless motorized shades for added security and convenience. Our Graber shades have Greenguard certified fabrics for low chemical emissions as well.

Can you see through 3% solar shades at night?

Solar shades block views from a light side to a dark side, and are see through from a dark side to a light side. So at night time if you have the lights on inside your porch and it is dark out, it will be easy to see inside.

Do solar shades keep rain out?

Solar shades have small openings in the fabric which allow you to see through. For this reason they are also not ideal for keeping rain out as the water can splash through the openings.

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