Dual Shades

Dual Shades

Are you trying to dress your dream home but can't decide on one type of shade? Do you have a multi purpose room that needs more than one style of fabric? Look no further than our dual shades, which combine two shades in one. These window treatments allow you both light filtering or sheer shades plus a room darkening or blackout shade in one housing. Each can be independently operated, allowing you to pull down the front window treatment to let natural light shine through during the day, or the back shade for complete privacy control. Dual shades have a simple but clever design that makes them one of the best window treatments for when you need both light control and natural light, along with privacy.


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What are dual shades?

Dual shades, also known as a double shade, are window treatments that basically consist of two roller shades in one. A solar shade rolls down from the front, while a blackout shade rolls from the back, making the dual roller shades blackout & transparent. This combination of two shades means that you can use the front shade when you want privacy during the day while allowing you to see through, but you can also pull down the blackout fabrics when you want darkness or privacy at night.

Can you get dual light filtering and blackout shades in one?

Yes there are a number of different combinations and choices for the two shades on your dual shade. If you don't want a see-through fabric in the front, you can get a light filtering fabric instead. This combination of window treatments allows you a soft glow of light throughout the day with the light filtering fabric, with the option of blackout when you want to sleep in or if you need darkness when watching TV or using your computer.

Our selection of Graber dual shades combine blackout roller shades with solar shades, or blackout roller shades with light filtering roller shades. Or you can take a look at our Zebra dual shades which have a zebra shade in the front, and a blackout shade in the back.

How do dual solar shades work?

A dual solar shade has two shades in one - a solar shade in the front and a blackout shade in the back. This is one of our most popular combinations as it combines two very different types of fabrics. The solar shade is see-through and so is perfect for when you want the room to be more airy or when you need a view through, while the blackout shade provides darkness and privacy on a whim. Each shade has its own pull chain which you use to raise and lower each shade independently. Simply pull on the chain for whichever shade you are using to operate it and position it wherever you need it on your window.

Alternatively dual shades are also available in a motorized shade style, which foregos the cord loop in favor of a remote control. This allows you to control the shade with a remote, or even your smart phone or voice when connected to a compatible smart hub.

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