Dual Shades

Blackout and transparent fabrics rolled into one shade? Impossible to believe, isn't it?

With the dual roller shades from ZebraBlinds, it's definitely possible. Fierce protection from damaging UV rays, light filtering on demand, and the ultimate privacy make dual shades an excellent addition to your home. At ZebraBlinds, we carry a vast selection of Graber Dual Shades in dozens of fabrics and custom sizes, each with their own strengths. They are perfect for city apartments, country cottages, conference halls, restaurants, professional buildings and everything in between. Made from two fabrics, our double roller shades give you light when you want it and protection when you need it. Best of all, our window coverings are also exquisitely crafted and designed, which means your windows will perform better — and look better, too.


Things to Remember Before Choosing Dual Shades

Our dual shades are available with a continuous-loop lift, or motorized lift option operated via remote control. By integrating with the MyLink bridge (regular motorization) or a smart hub (virtual cord smart motorization), you can raise or lower your shade, even when you’re away from home.

Choose an appropriate color so that it seamlessly blends with your decor. You can also specify reverse roll or standard roll, and whether the cord installation should be on the right or left side when ordering.

Graber and ZebraBlinds together strive to provide dozens of options when it comes to ordering your dual shade. Made from vinyl and fiberglass to stringent flame resistance standards — many of our fabrics are GreenGuard certified. Solar fabric openness ranges from 1% to 14%, depending on your needs. If you need maximum darkness and energy efficiency, choose the blackout fabrics, and you’ll gain 100% UV ray protection. For more light, choose a light filtering fabric as they diffuse light while providing moderate privacy.

So what are you waiting for? With Graber providing a limited lifetime warranty and with ZebraBlinds.com happily offering free samples and free shipping, buying dual roller shades online has never been so easy.