Day-Night Cellular Shades

Day-Night Honeycomb Cellular Shades

Let’s face it: Your shade needs different functions during the day and night. At night, you may need your shades to block out more light inside the room and offer more privacy. During the day, you may need protection from the harsh UV-rays, but still want to let in natural light. Luckily, you can have both with Day-Night Honeycomb Cellular Shades or Sun-up Sun-down Cellular Shades. These honeycomb shades have two types of fabrics that work double-duty to keep your home more comfortable.


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Are You Worried About Your Privacy? Get Day-Night Cellular Shades

Day-Night Cellular Shades give the ultimate protection from the harsh sunlight glare and UV rays, along with privacy and the ability to filter light when you need it. The cordless lift controls are smooth and operate with a soft touch, and are very safe for children and pets.

Available in a multitude of sizes and fabrics, these Cellular Shades are made from quality polyester fabrics - spunlace, point bond or woven - with the combination of single or double cell sheer, light filtering, room darkening, or blackout cellular materials. The combination of light filtering and room darkening or blackout lets you enjoy full light blockage or light filtering, or a combination of both depending on your preference and needs.

These privacy shades are excellent insulators like any other cellular shade, and so they save on your energy bills while also absorbing noise pollution.

These shades last for years and are mold-resistant as well as crease-resistant. Versatility in function and style are a major plus for these Day-Night Cellular Shades. They come in a variety of sizes and colors and with the options of two shades on one headrail or three shades on one headrail for larger windows. offers a great selection of Day-Night Cellular Shades and Sun-Up Sun-Down Cellular Shades at affordable prices with convenient free samples and shipping and friendly customer service.

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