Custom Wood Cornices

Give an extra flair to any window dressing with the handcrafted Wood Cornices. Created from premium North American hardwood, they make your interiors look like an architectural home or mansion.

Its aesthetic quality finish enriches your windows with a traditional style. Custom Handcrafted Wood Cornices are possible in a diverse variety of stained and wood painted colors and styles like 4.5 inch Symphony Cornices, 5.5 inch or 7.5 inch Noble Cornices, and 5.5 inch or 7.5 inch Regal Cornices.

At our online store, you can customize various selections of these grandiose Custom Wood Cornices and get them freely shipped anywhere in the USA.


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    7 1/2 inch Graber Noble Wood Cornices

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Unique Styles of Custom Wood Cornices

The unique styles of Custom Wood Cornices are available for both inside mount and outside mount for all kinds of windows and doors. With these cornices, make your windows look impressive and elegant, straight from the Victorian era.

  • The inside mount option has straight cut ends with no returns or can have small returns to cover the protruding sides of the window treatment.
  • The outside mount option has mitered corners, returns, and a dust cover to conceal the top of the blind.

These wood cornices coordinate with any window covering creating a traditional richness and they come with brackets that makes the installation process simple.

The upgrade option of a decorative keystone to cover a splice or for ornamentation is available. The Custom Wood Cornices are available with a maximum number of three decorative Keystones. Ideally suitable for dining rooms or living rooms, banquet halls, restaurants, etc, these cornices and keystones increase the value of your home or building. These come with Graber's Life Time Limited Warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are window cornices in style?

Window cornices are an important part of home decor - they not only accentuate your window coverings, but they can help hide ugly hardware or headrails as well! In addition to that, window cornices are available in a variety of different materials and styles - from wood cornices to fabric cornice boards. This means that they will never go out of style due to their functionality and variety of looks!

What colors are available for window cornices?

Wood cornices are generally available in neutral colors or earthy tones, from browns to beiges to greys. Cornice boards, usually wrapped in fabric, come in a wide variety of colors as well as patterns and textures.

What are the different sizes available in window cornices?

Wood cornices are available in 4 ½ inch, 5 ½ inch, and 7 ½ inch sizes. Cornice boards are generally larger and start at around 12 inches, going up to 16 inches or more.

What kind of wood are wooden cornices made of?

The type of wood used will vary depending on the manufacturer and brand. For the Graber brand, they will be manufactured using North American hardwoods.
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