Custom Sheer Drapes

Who wouldn't love gorgeous sheer linen drapes?

These dreamy, classic-looking drapes adorn your windows at very competitive prices. Whether its rod pocket or pinch pleat design, you get ample sunlight in the room with your desired privacy levels.

Pinch pleats have two pleats pinched together at the base to form a V, allowing the fabric to fall in graceful folds. Use the elegant double pinch pleated drapery panels from Crown to create scintillating customized window dressing options. Order your Custom Sheer Drapes to fit sizes a bit larger than your windows to reduce the chill creeping in around the sides, and consider using pelmets or valances to prevent cold air escaping from the drapes. Use linings on your drapes to augment your privacy and insulation requirements.


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Why Choose Custom Sheer Drapes?

To provide optimum privacy, insulation, and aesthetics, hang drapes from just below your ceiling if the roof is no higher than 12 feet tall. Consider your drapery hardware and window sizes before choosing the fabric –

  • Buy your drapery rod in a size that allows for a minimum of a 4” overhang on either side of the window.
  • Choose decorative finials to cap your drapery rod such that it complements the decor elements of your room
  • Allow for pelmets or molded headers to top your drapery.
  • Size your drapes properly - include the overhang of the drapery rod and allow for a 2.5:1 fabric to window fullness ratio, and 1.5” side hems; decide on whether you want the drapes to hang just above the floor, or if you want it a little longer to allow them to pool on the floor, which makes for added protection from cold seepage. Consider a minimum bottom hem of 4”. A note of caution - before deciding on the length, take into account kids, pets, and cleaning.
  • Decide on hooks, rings or rod pockets as a means to suspend your drapes.
  • Choose window brackets (decorative or functional) to be installed on the sides of your windows, which give you the option of swagging the drapes and not opening them from the top.
  • Choose from a variety of drapery linings – standard, thermal sateen, privacy, or premium privacy – considering how much light you want to block out and how much insulation you need.
  • Finally, make your choice of tiebacks, tassels, fringes or cords if you need to embellish or stylize the drapery chosen.

The Custom Drapes fabric offered by Crown is unbeatable in its range of textures, prints, and colors. Do you want your window to look dramatic or understated? A sensible choice from our various drapery fabrics will help transform your room and its windows with surprising ease.

For easy maintenance, dry-clean your drapes occasionally to keep them looking crisp and fresh!

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