Grommet Custom Drapes

Grommet drapery panels are an excellent choice of window fashions for those who want to make a quick and hassle free purchase. These drapes have grommets punched into them to make it simple to put a drapery pole through the top. The simple lines and ease of the grommets make these drapes easy to machine wash and match with modern interior decor. These drapery panels can also be customized for any size other features such as fabric and more. These window treatments also pair well with others such as sheer grommet drapery balance the light filtration, or shades or shutters to better increase the insulation. Either way the simple, neat design of the grommet drapery panels make them a great choice for any room.


Crown grommet drapery panels with grommets of 2.5” outer diameter fit well with drapery rods of 1.25” diameter. There are three finishes available for the grommets – antique brass, oil-rubbed bronze, and satin nickel. The different types of finishes allow further customized the look for the drapes as they can be matched with different types and colors of fabrics. Some mix and match could include the antique brass paired with red with red Chenille Damask for a vintage appearance or instead with the black print Donetta for a more crisper modern look. Another more neutral combination would be the Parma Pearl with either the antique brass or the oil-rubbed bronze for highlighting the other colors in the room, while giving a smooth and modern look. The Parma Pearl and the Chenille Damask are 100% polyester and will provide great insulation keeping the room at a stable temperature throughout the year.  The simplicity of the grommets make the drapery panels easy to pull closed or open at any moment.

The best size ratio for drapery panels to window is 2.5’’:1, which will let the drapes hang well and full. To get the full use of the drapes and the best compliment for the window it is best to mount the rod above the window. This will allow the drapes to be fully pulled away when unnecessary and give the room a sense of openness and space, while also making the window seem larger. The insulation provided by the drapes is also increased with the better cover of all the edges of the window and with pooling the drapes all the way to the floor.