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It's easy to forget the importance of decorative drapery rods when hanging curtains above your window frame. The proper drapery hardware and curtain rods can add a striking style to your living space, making even the best curtain look even better. Custom curtain rods, ranging from wooden rods to metal rods, single rods to double rods, and including a number of different finials, brackets and accents, go a long way in giving your home that interior designer look. Get the best curtain rods and finials for your home, and choose one that will match your drapes, whether it be heavy curtains or heavy draperies, or sheer panels.


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    1 1/4" Drapery Rods with Finials

    1 1/4 inch diameter curtain rod

    Available in three adjustable sizes

    Variety of finial styles to accent your window

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What is the best curtain rod for me?

There is a wide selection of styles available at an affordable price. Before you choose a curtain rod, you'll want to make sure you get one in the proper length so that it will hang and fit on your window. Many curtain rods have an adjustable length. An adjustable rod means that you can extend the length of the rod up to a certain point. This gives you a little bit of flexibility when hanging the rod on the wall in your room.

Mounting Hardware Compatibility

Second, to get the best curtain rods to fit your room decor, you'll also want to make sure that it is compatible with your curtains. Rod pocket curtains will require a rod of a specific diameter, usually one inch or more. A window treatment with heavier curtains may not work with all types of mounting hardware, and should be used with heavy duty quality rods. The go to would be a rod set that includes mounting hardware with a heavy duty metal pole, with proper screws to anchor on your wall. Other curtains may require rings, which means you'll need to get a curtain rod that has compatible curtain rings with the right diameter. Lastly a drape that does not have a rod pocket or curtain rings may not work with most curtain rods, and may need to attach with clips to decorative traverse rods instead.

Single Rods vs Double Rods

Another thing to consider when choosing the best curtain rods to hang on your wall, is whether you plan to use a single rod or a double rod. Since there is a wide variety of drapery panels out there, a double rod allows you to get two types of fabrics, such as both a blackout and a sheer, which adds a lot of versatility to your window treatments and is great for many living spaces.

Choosing the Right Finials and Styles

Finally, you should consider the right rod material and finials to accent the styles you want. Window treatments with a traditional look might opt for metal finials made in a decorative pattern. Finials for your home office or bed room on the other hand, might use more simple and utilitarian styles. A mid century interior designer look would have a heavy duty rod and finials made of decorative wood. This would be a good idea if you are looking to match your mid century wall or window frame as well. Custom finials are just another way to add dimension and personality to your window treatments.

Aside from the important features such as length and diameter, in the end choosing the right drapery hardware comes down to your room, your curtains, and your own personal style. You should hang your curtains with decorative curtain rods that match your own tastes and preferences. The right drapery hardware can enhance the look of your drapery and shouldn't be hidden by valances!

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