Crystals – 16" X 20"

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acrylic, abstract. Modern, crystals, bright, contrast

An original acrylic painting by Lisa M P. An up and coming artist from Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. Size of the art piece is 24″ x 30″. The painting was mainly done using a knife.

Most of us are acquainted with the look and feel of crystals. These are solid substances, available in a range of colors, and have a glassy texture. they reflect light and look quite gorgeous. In this painting, the artist has used the magic of brushes to recreate the magic of crystals on canvas. This is a contemporary abstract painting that uses crystals to create modern art. The artist has used a combination of yellow and white for the background and the combination of yellow and white gives a sunset evening view. Against this pale and light background, there is a stack of brightly colored blue and red crystals at the bottom left corner of the canvas. The deft use of brushes and color gives shape and form and texture to the crystals. The brightly colored crystals look gorgeous against the light-colored background. It is a happy and cheerful painting done using brushes and a knife. Available in a size of 16” * 20”, the painting is suitable for medium and small-sized rooms. with the right kind of décor and colors in the room, the painting can become the focal point of the décor.

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