Crown Slumber Cellular Honeycomb Shades

The beautiful looking effective Crown Honeycomb Cellular Shades have the capability of providing great levels of insulation from the extreme levels of temperatures during the summers and the winters. The cellular structure of the fabric creates pockets of air to entrap the hot or the cold air so that the temperatures within the confines of your home can be regulated, and moderate temperatures can be maintained. The Ultimate blackout shades and the ultimate light filtering shades have side tracks that provide complete insulation from sound and temperatures. The 7.00 R-value is adding more depth and value to these features. The complete sealing ensures that you have no light, cold, heat and noise seepage. The Noise is not the only factor that bothers your sleep; even darkness is also crucial for deep and soundproof sleep. So, choose the level of light filtration and light control from Light Filtering fabrics to Blackout fabrics. Blackout is the ultimate one since it ensures zero light leakages with complete darkness for your indoor.


These shades are very rich in terms of its architecture and design. You can also style up your home as per your preference and liking as these shades are available in a number of color choices.

Some of the best available window coverings in this category are as follows- Cordless Light Filtering Crown Cellular Shades, Crown TDBU Cordless LF Cellular Shades, Crown Cordless Mirage Blackout Shades, Crown Ultimate Light filtering honeycomb shades and Crown Ultimate Blackout Cellular Shades. One of the attractive features of these window coverings are the elegant, gorgeous look to enhance your interior décor, ease and convenience of use.

These shades come in the cordless variety that makes it very easy to operate these shades. Since they do not have any dangling wires, they are very safe to be installed in homes that have children and pets as the chances of accidental tangling or strangulation is completely null.

The top down and bottom up or TDBU option available for these shades help in operating them with ease and you can lower them from top and raise them from bottom as per your choice of light control.

These shades are also very easy to be cleaned and to be installed as they are very light weight. The material of these shades is such that the dirt and grime do not stay put on them. So order these shades today and make your home energy efficient.

These window coverings are available in a range of colors that come in handy in decorating or color coordinating the decor of your home.