Cream Pleated Window Shades

Give your current windows and doors an additional charm with the beautiful Pleated Shades. Crisped pleats with a natural style are the main features of these eye-catching pleated Shades. They offer an astonishing influence on both your window treatments and the room with their excellent, sharp, and evenly designed pleats. They add a fresh character to your home's decor. With their gathered pleats, these shades stack at the top when raised to enable an open view to the outside.

When it comes to customize this product, the first thing everyone should consider is the color of your pleated shade because it plays a vital role to complement your entire home decor. Almost all the neutral color goes well with every indoor and cream is one of them. This color integrates shades of white and yellow. Create a peaceful and calm ambiance while creating a simple, smooth, sleek, and glowing interior.

Cream pleated shades add innocence and perfection to the overall look of your home. These window treatments are very versatile and you can definitely pair them up with any other window treatments and they are easy to match with any home decor.


Features of Custom Cream Pleated Shades

These shades come with 1 inch and 2 inches pleated sizes and you have the option of choosing one that will best match with your room's style. These sizes help your shades to look crisp and clear, and provide your home with a knockout appearance. They also make a charming solution for specialty shaped windows or even large windows.

These Custom Cream Pleated Shades offer smooth operation with various lift mechanisms - cordless, continuous loop, and Bottom Up Top Down. Take a designer's help during customization and pick the best one to create your dream home. These window treatments can be operated on a regular basis because of their smooth functionality and versatility.

Cream pleated window shades are ideal for installing in your living room and bedroom. You can mount them for your RV's and large window or patio doors as well as they offer a clean and uncluttered look. Shop now and add the touch of grace and elegance to your room.