Cordless Window Treatments

Cordless window treatments are the upgraded version of the regular window treatments. These window treatments are unique and versatile in their functionality. The Cordless Blinds And Shades are also considered as child safe window treatments. The corded window treatments cause dangerous risks for kids and innocent pets. There have been many incidents recorded in the past where corded window treatments have ended up causing severe dangers to children.

Cordless window treatments also reduce clutter and provide a sleeker profile on your windows.When you install these Cordless Window Coverings, they make your home look beautiful and flawless, and make your room look elegant and stylish. These windows are the simplest choice to regulate privacy and light control for your room.


Let's Learn More About Cordless Window Blinds

Aluminum Cordless Blinds

Aluminum cordless blinds are strong and flexible. They are apt for your kitchen and bathrooms as they are highly moisture resistant. They are also available in different colors and patterns from which you can choose the best one for your windows.

Custom Faux Wood Cordless Blinds

Faux wood blinds are one of the most economical choices you could make to dress up your windows. They are strong and are highly resistant to moisture, wind, and dust.. They are made to resemble the enchanting look for real wood blinds, at a fraction of the cost.. They are also easy to install and are perfect for all climatic conditions.

Cellular Cordless Window Treatments

Cellular shades are one of the oldest types of window treatments. These window treatments are also known as honeycomb shades and are great in insulating your home. They offer the required light control, privacy, and protection for your room, and increase the energy efficiency of your home. Their great insulation capacity prevents heat loss or heat gain through your windows, reducing your need for heating or air conditioning, and thus reducing the cost of your energy bills.

How Do Cordless Blinds Work?

With cordless window treatments installed, operating your blinds becomes easy. As these window treatments do not have dangerous cords, you can just lift or tilt them by hand. This is a simple and smooth way to open or close your window treatments.

Install these cordless window treatments and make your home a secured place for your pets and children.