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Graber Composite Blinds add aesthetic beauty to any space. Made from recycled materials or byproducts like sawdust, wood chips, and recycled woods, these blinds are eco-friendly and nature-friendly. While not truly wood, they give you the artistic look and feel of real wood. Composite Blinds are affordable, and are easy to use and clean.

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Why Choose Composite Wood Blinds?

We believe in conserving nature, and one of the ways is to reduce deforestation. So as a first step to contributing to this conservation, we only use recycled products that give a unique texture, feel, color and grain to the window treatments. Our nature-friendly approach provides the room with an earthy essence with the feel of authentic woods.

You can design your own composite blind if you want to give a touch of modernism and refinement to your home. Choose the desired slat color, paint, and texture to match your existing indoor requirements. The slats give ultimate control over light and privacy. While the open slats allow the sunlight to stream into your rooms for bright illumination, the closed slats will provide light blockage with high privacy levels.

Composite Blinds for Windows are firm, durable, economic and nature-friendly. The sturdy slats prevent cracking and warping, giving your shade a fresh look for years.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are composite blinds?

Composite blinds are blinds created from recycled materials or byproducts of sawdust, wood chips and recycled wood. They are intended to be an affordable alternative to traditional wood blinds, as they attempt to imitate the look and feel of wood. They are nature friendly as they use recycled materials, so customers can cut down on their carbon footprint by opting for composite blinds.

What are composite blinds made of?

Composite blinds are made of recycled wood materials such as sawdust, woodchips, and recycled wood.

How long do composite blinds last?

With regular cleaning and maintenance, composite blinds should last for many years. The slats are durable and are able to keep from warping. Many of our products, including composite blinds, also come with a manufacturer warranty. You can find more information on the relevant product pages.

Are composite blinds energy efficient?

Composite Blinds help with energy efficiency by blocking out sunlight during the day. Sunlight entering through a window will cause heat gain inside. By tilting the Composite Blinds’ slats closed, you can prevent this heat gain and save energy when using an air conditioner.

How to clean composite blinds

Composite blinds can be cleaned on a regular basis with a duster or a cloth. Composite blinds will need a more thorough cleaning every few months. For a more thorough cleaning, remove the slats from the headrail, and wash them with a damp cloth and mild cleaning solution. Dry and return them to the headrail.
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