Red Pleated Shades

Red Pleated Window Shades

Pleated window treatments are one of the more stylish window treatment types. They offer a smooth and fine finishing with their beautiful pleats. Pleated window shades offer excellent insulation for your home by blocking the heat and cold entering your home. With evenly designed pleats, these window treatments give a spirited look to your indoors and make it look charming. Pleated window shades help block harmful UV rays while allowing light to filter through, bringing natural light into your home. For more insulation and light control, you can also combine these shades with different types of liners to meet your needs accordingly.

When customizing your shade, the color you choose defines the style of your home decor Red is a popular color that helps you to add a unique style and beauty to your home. For a delicate, yet simple look, choose Red Pleated Shades.


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  1. 2 inches EvenPleat Graber Pleated Shades 39
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    2 inches EvenPleat Graber Pleated Shades

    Offer a back ladder support

    Usable Fabric width up to 72"

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Custom Red Pleated Shades

These amazing window treatments are available in different pleat sizes and they let you customize them in the way you want to meet the requirements of your home. Choose between 1 inch or 2 inch pleats based on your window sizes and styles.

Pleated Shades are available in a variety of customization options, including different patterns and lift options. Choose a top-down bottom-up lift for added versatility in privacy and light control, or a cordless lift option for a sleeker look and added security. Order free samples of pleated fabrics so that you can see these colors in person.

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