Cellular Vertical Shades

We all love to experiment with unique styles, be it fashion or interior decorations. Make your windows and indoors uniquely elegant with the latest Cellular Vertical Shades. These shades are a new approach to our traditional vertical styles. They are ideal for sliding glass doors and patio doors. They offer incredible beauty with excellent handling and insulation features. Our Graber Slide-Vue Vertical Shades are the ultimate choice for any interior, customized to fit your window, providing excellent insulation and a number of light control and fabric options. You won't need to worry about your glass doors or patio door coverings with the affordable and compact solutions at ZebraBlinds.


Cellular Vertical Shades Designed for Sliding Glass and Patio Doors

We aim to add a new facet to window treatment solutions with our innovative approaches. Cellular Vertical Shades are the perfect choice for your large indoor windows. Like the Cellular Shades, these window coverings have air pockets that allow them to excel at heat, noise, and cold insulation. This makes them energy efficient, making your indoor stay comfortable and reducing your costs on air conditioning or heating.

For privacy and light control, choose from our range of Sheer and Blackout fabrics. Sheer fabrics are for the better light diffusion and let you see through your window while it is covered. Blackout fabrics are ideal for media & bedrooms with zero light infiltration and maximum privacy level.

You can even choose from different stacking styles like one, two, center, or split style stacking for better open space and wide open view.

So with multi-functional controls, excellent energy efficiency, and a wide range of fabrics and colours to choose from, these shades transform your home into a cozy and peaceful den.