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Cellular Shades - Honeycomb Shades

Cellular Shades are known for their unique design, style, and fashion.  The unique design of the honeycomb structure provides the ultimate level of window protection and shielding from the outdoor temperatures. These window shades protect your indoors from sun, heat, exterior sound, cold, dust, and UV rays.

The R-value factor tells about the insulation properties of a shade.  Cellular shades have a high R-value (thermal insulation Value), which makes them one of the best insulators for windows in the market.

Their novel mechanism makes them the perfect window covering for the extreme summer or extreme winter. Our product catalog has numerous brands, and the many cellular shades with beautiful colors and styles let you customize and create the ultimate window decor for your home.


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Why Choose Cellular Shades for Your Home?

So what makes the Cellular Shades stand out from the other window coverings?

At an affordable investment, you get a multi-functional window covering. For light control, premium brands like Graber offer CrystalPleat single cell or double cell light filtering or cellular blackout shades while Crown provides light filtering or blackout cellulars and Mirage TDBU Cordless Blackout shades.

Fabricated with two-layer honeycomb fabrics, they create depth and a distinctive look. This unique pattern behaves like an air pocket which is responsible for the shade's excellent insulation properties. These air pockets trap air which stops exterior heat or cold and dampens sound. By preventing heat loss/gain, these shades maintain a cozy and comfortable indoor atmosphere all year long.

To increase the insulation, go for double cell fabrics. For light-diffusion choose sheer or light filtering fabrics, and for complete privacy and light blockage go with the blackout materials.

ZebraBlinds.com is a one-stop online store with a vast collection of diverse styles and fabrics of cellular shades to choose from. Customize your window treatments with all the desired features as per your indoor requirements. Cellular Shades are the complete package, perfect for your beautiful home.

Unique Features of Cellular - Honeycomb Shades

Shade operation is another convenient factor with the Cellular Shades. You can upgrade your window controls with few options that are available with cellular shades:

Continuous Cord Loop Controls: The cords are secured to wall or window frames that make them less visible.

Top-Down/Bottom-Up Controls: Raise or lower the shades based on your privacy needs.

Cordless Lift: No cords with this option. You can control the shades with just a touch of your finger.

Motorized Lift: With a motorized lift upgrade, with a button click you can operate your window coverings.

Grab this superior shade with the best deals offered in ZebraBlinds and transform your home into a functional and sophisticated hub.

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