Cellular Shades

Cellular Shades and Honeycomb Shades

Cellular shades, also known as honeycomb shades, are energy efficient window coverings known for their superior insulation. These insulating blinds have a unique honeycomb construction that creates a thicker barrier at your window, allowing for additional insulation. The honeycomb cells add a unique and subtle texture to your decor, and are available in a variety of light filtering or blackout fabrics. They also have a wide array of upgrade options, from multiple shades on one headrail, to lift options such as cordless top down bottom up to remote control. Cellular shades are versatile window treatments that provide more insulation than any other window covering, and are a great way to add an additional layer of protection or light control for your large windows and media rooms.


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What Makes Cellular Shades Energy Efficient?

The honeycomb shape isn't just for style - cell shades actually get their excellent insulation from their uniquely shaped fabric. When fitted to a window frame, or even to something like french doors, the honeycomb shades trap more air inside their fabric than other types of window shades. This air creates a thick barrier of insulation that reduces heat transfer between the window and your interiors. The cellular shade fabric is actually available in many styles, from varying cell size to the number of cell layers - from single cell to double cell, and sometimes even triple cell. A double cell fabric means that it has two layers of cells, while a triple cell fabric has three layers of cells. In comparison to a single cell shade, a double cell window covering would be more energy efficient.

Why Cellular Window Treatments Are Perfect For Every Room

Cellular shades are not only a great and budget friendly option to add insulation to your room, they are also excellent light filtering shades and even blackout shades. Light filtering cellular shades help to protect your room from UV rays while still allowing in a soft glow of natural light, making them great for a living room or kitchen where you want some light control and protection from the heat, while keeping some sunlight. Measure your light filtering cellular shades to fit the inside of your window frame for a tight and modern style, all while keeping it functional.

Blackout cellular shades are also available, and they provide superior light control with the ability to completely darken a room. Blackout cellular window treatments are also available in double cell, making them a great option when you need something to provide protection from both heat and sunlight.

In addition to the number of different fabrics, cellular shades are also unique in they have many different lift options. Choose from a continuous cord loop for something more traditional, or go for a cordless blind option such as a cordless top down bottom up lift or even a remote control. Motorized cellular shades allow for ease of control with the press of a button, or even through voice commands. Their cordless nature makes them excellent for a hard to reach window, and safe for homes with kids and pets.

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