Brown Vertical Cellular Shades

Brown Vertical Cellular Window Shades

Vertical cellular shades the same as honeycomb shades on a vertical application. Vertical cellular shades are beautiful and are easy to install.

In terms offunctionality, the vertical cellular blinds work great, and they are more durable than the regular vertical blinds. They have a smooth operation as they glide on the top rail. Even when they are stacked, they give a simple look as they occupy less space with minimal stacking.

The Brown Vertical Cellular Shades add a sense of style to your room and makes it gorgeous. With the Light Filtering Brown Vertical Cellular Shades installed you can let in the light and have privacy simultaneously. However, it is up to you to customize them to filter the light or block the entire light that is entering your windows. As brown stands neutral, you can easily color coordinate your other furniture with the Brown Vertical Cellular Shades and have your home look great. With the customized upgrades you can get these vertical cellular shades designed matching your personality.


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  1. Slide-Vue Graber Light Flitering Cellular Vertical Shades 39
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    Slide-Vue Graber Light Filtering Cellular Vertical Shades

    100% Polyester Point Bond

    Usable Fabric width up to 96"

    retail : $748
    (40% OFF)
  2. Slide-Vue Graber Blackout Cellular Vertical Shades 39
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    Slide-Vue Graber Blackout Cellular Vertical Shades

    Luxurious cellular fabrics in a vertical orientation

    Provides excellent energy efficiency and insulation

    Easy to use cordless control

    retail : $836
    (40% OFF)

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Light Filtering Brown Vertical Cellular Shades

The Brown Vertical Shades are a stylish and energy efficient window covering choices For Sliding Doors and patio windows. They work beautifully on your sliding glass doors. Vertical cellular shades provide much-needed insulation for sliding glass doors and any large windows, and you tend to experience a significant change in the temperatures within your room as they are highly resistant to heat, cold and light.

They help keep the warm air inside your room during the winters and keep the heat outside during the summers. They can be easily cleaned by vacuuming or dusting or also brush them gently on a regular basis. For a deep cleaning use soap water and a microfiber cloth.

You can either mount these window shades outside your window frame or inside. If your wall allows you can also have them beyond your windows. They are pocket-friendly and robust hence they endure a long-lasting appeal to your windows.

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