Brown Dual Window Shades

Dual shades are unique modern shades. Dual shades two individual shades that gives both light filtering and privacy/blackout fabrics in a single shade.

Dual shades are available in a great variety of fabric, different operating systems and wonderful fabric choices. They also offer a greater degree of light control. The  light filtering solar shades are available in different ranges of openness levels. You can choose one among the 1%, 3%, 4%, 5%, 7%, 8%, 10% and 14% Solar Shades. With the right selection of the light filtering fabric, privacy and light control of your room are easy to implement.

Choose the  Dual Motorized Window Shades in the appropriate color to add grandeur to your home. Motorization let you operate the window shades in simple way with the help of a remote control.  When you pick up these window shades in Brown, you can also pick up the color coordinated components like the bottom rails, cassettes. Brown is a flexible color with which you can create a classic and simple room or you can also choose to produce a super contemporary design for your room.


Dual Blackout Roller Solar Shades

For a clean and consistent look, consider installing the Graber Dual Window Shades as Graber has its own brand value and is known for its excellent functionality and superior quality.

In order to create a complete blackout look, get the Dual Blackout Roller Solar Shades. You can pull down the blackout fabric and turn your room dark instantly. The Dual Blackout Roller Solar Shades can give a fabulous look and are perfectly suitable for a contemporary room.

The Dual Blackout Roller Solar Shades offers the compound benefits of two types of window coverings. The first layer is to filter the light entering the room and the second one is to entirely darken the room by obstructing all the light penetrating through the windows of your room.