Brown Day And Night Cellular Shades

The honeycomb day and night shades are two shades stacked on each other in which the light filtering layer is mostly used during the daytime,and the blackout is preferred during the night. The day and night cellular shades are opaque and sheer/light filtering at the same time.

With the uniquely designed honeycomb day and night shades, you will be able to control the light filtering section independently for light and use the blackout portion separately as well. You control the light, and you control the privacy. The light filtering shade of the day and night shade is the sheer fabric that can filter the rough light efficiently and provide protection to your rooms from the sun. The blackout fabric is generally the fabric that is responsible for blocking out all the light and making the room dark. The honeycomb pockets of the cellular shades also help with sound absorption and make them the perfect choice for the bedrooms. During the night they maintain a calm room and ensure good sleep, especially if you have the outside light interfering.

For a classic style and design, choose Day and night cellular shades in brown color. Brown color window shades promote endless beauty to your home design. To create a perfect match with your home furnishings, Brown Day And Night Shades are the best choices.


Cordless Brown Day Night Cellular Shades

Go cordless for a simple and polished operating style. The cordless mechanism helps you to control the amount of light required smoothly. Pull down the bottom rail to close the shade and to lower it raise the bottom rail of the cordless brown day night cellular shades.

With the day and night cellular shades installed, you lack nothing as these shades grant light protection, privacy and temperature control in addition to aesthetics.