Blue Dual Window Shades

Dual shades are exceptional type of window coverings as they bestow your room with two types of fabrics in one shade. They are widely compatible with most usage needs of a window shade.

You can choose to have privacy as well as light filtering when you roll down the light filtering fabric, or, you can be in total darkness by rolling down the blackout shade which darkens the room easily. You may want to have a bright room throughout the day but a pitch black room during those much needed naps; well now you can. These two fabrics are rolled individually and can be operated individually. 

Be attentive when choosing the color of the window dressings. They do impact the design of the room and in fact they can make or break your interior. To bring a heavenly and calm feel to your home deign, pick the dual shades in blue color. Blue color dual shades work wonders when installed on your windows causing your home to look extremely pleasant and airy.


Dual Motorized Blue Window Shades

The light filtering fabric of the dual shades comes with high UV resistance and filters all the harmful rays and sunrays. Though you experience a bright room, these shades maintain your room's temperature. Depending on the fabric selected, they can also allow you to see outside while maintaining privacy. The blackout fabric can be used during the daytime to produce a completely dark room and ultimate privacy. You can also motorize these shades which makes things convenient. You can open and close the shades with the soft press of the remote control. For the windows in hard to reach areas and other tough locations, motorization is the best choice with respects to operating mechanisms.