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How Good Quality Fabrics in Window Blinds Boost The Comfort of Your Home?

ZebraBlinds Fabric

ZebraBlinds Fabric: Boost the Comfort of Your Home


We often want things that make our home look more beautiful and that complement it’s existing decor. After all, that is the mark of a bona fide interior decorator and a connoisseur of fine living. To improve our homes, we get study tables that offer a sharp contrast to the walls of the house – but match with the bed, or buy cushion or pillow covers that perfectly supplement the color of the sofa or the bedsheet. Our tastes in choosing window blinds should be no different. We often go for the most attractive designs in fascinating colors to dress our window spaces.


However, it must be noted that mere complementary looks are not enough. If the product in question is not made of quality material, it may not last long, and entail huge costs in both its maintenance and for buying its replacement. We must ensure that the product that we buy is sturdy and is made from the premium quality material. This way, ween sure our window treatments are durable enough to last a long time.



ZebraBlinds Fabric: Best-in-Class and Effective


ZebraBlinds fabric and materials are known for their premium quality and design that can be mounted on a variety of window coverings, be it Roman shades, roller blinds, Venetian blinds, valances, draperies or shutters. Good quality fabrics by ZebraBlinds are essential in that they boost the comfort of your home and let you stay in comfort and coziness, whether you’re planning to sleep after a hard day’s work, or if you just want to sit comfortably on your sofa and watch television.



The Best Fabrics That Keep The Heat Out of Your Windows 


The fabrics that you choose vary based on their openness, texture, pattern, length, style and many other features. Here are the best fabrics that keep heat out and that also offer a lot of other advantages.


ZebraBlinds Fabric - Window Curtains

1) Polyester: Polyester is one of the most common and affordable fabrics that are used in curtains. It is durable and sturdy and can be easily maintained. The strength of this material avoids wreckage, shrinkage, and dirt. Curtains that are made from polyester are available in a wide palette of prints, colors, and designs. It’s better to set up polyester fabric curtains in bedrooms and living rooms. It’s a wise option to go for darker colors in these fabrics in homes with children and pets, as it’s difficult to remove stains from such fabrics. They must also be avoided in kitchens and bathrooms as the material is not completely water resistant and absorbs odors.


2) Cotton: Cotton is a versatile material in curtains as it offers a clean and crisp look that goes along amazingly well in all kinds of home and office settings. This materials lends a soothing and sobering touch to the living space and keeps you feeling relaxed. They can be used to create a room darkening effect in the room that will keep you safe, secure, and unaffected by harsh weather conditions outside. At the same time, sheer cotton curtains can lend in some natural sunlight that will keep the house warm and cozy during the fall.


3) Silk: Silk is known for its lush nature and the class and sophistication it lends to the house. Curtains that are laced in silk give a blackout effect that will not only help in effective insulation but will also protect the house against ultraviolet radiation, sounds, and harsh sunlight. You can enjoy your solitude when you have silk curtains in place. They keep the temperature inside the house comfortable whether you’re residing in areas that experience warm climate or chilly winds through the year.


Graber Plantation Shutters

4) Wood: Wood is a material that is used in shutters and contributes highly to the effectiveness of these blinds. It lends warmth and charm to the home while acting as a great insulator that saves on high electricity costs. Shutters that are made of wood can be easily installed on any kind of window. Graber shutters, made of North American hardwood using sustainable methods, also lend to environmental friendliness and avoid the accumulation of dust in your room.


5) Linen: This is one of the most popular materials used in curtains primarily for dining areas, to give your space a rich and casual vibe. They give out a contemporary look to any space. Linen curtains and drapes filter the sunlight to fill your room with a natural and vibrant glow while blocking out the heat to let you relax in peace.



Advantages of Having Good-Quality Fabrics


The demand for having good quality fabrics for your bedrooms, living/dining rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms are at an all-time high. This is for several reasons, a few of which are listed below:


1) Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is one of the key features of curtains as it keeps your house extremely comfortable to stay in. You need not escape to a weekend excursion if your purpose is to avoid the extreme heat in your home. With the right, good-quality fabrics in place, you can pull down the curtains or shut them and enjoy a cup of coffee or a mug of beer as you sit down to watch your favorite show.


2) Privacy


Room Darkening Fabrics - Cellular Shades

Room darkening fabrics have the advantage of keeping the interiors of the home well protected from intruders who are looking to take a good look inside your home. Increase the security of your home by purchasing some high-quality fabric curtains. When the sun sets, you can draw them out and spend time with your family in the privacy of your house, with no one to disturb you or make you uncomfortable.


3) Versatility


Different fabrics such as polyester, wool, silk, and cotton are available in a variety of price ranges, textures, designs, and prints to suit your tastes and preferences. They also sit well according to the types and sizes of windows, making them customizable and user-friendly when the blinds or curtains are set up in your living space. You can get the exact shape and size depending upon your requirement. You can choose colors that complement the hues in your room and choosing from a wide variety of prints such as graphic, polka dots, stripes, floral, omber dye and tribal.


4) Sound Absorption


We are often disturbed by unnecessary sounds that can disrupt our mental peace when we are working on a very important assignment, whether from home or in our office. Sounds can not only affect your productivity but also negatively impact your sense of well-being. However, with good quality curtains or blinds’ fabric, excess noise from outside is dampened, making your home/office a peaceful and relaxed place again. You should consider fabrics with sound-absorbing properties especially in a city apartment that faces the road.


5) Prevention of UV Radiation and Glare


Being exposed to ultraviolet glare for a long duration can affect your skin and lead to pigmentation or long-term disorders. It may also result in fading of furniture and flooring inside the house and affect your TV viewing experience. Window blinds made of good quality protect the house from these negative implications, and let you carry on your everyday tasks without distractions.



Thus, we have seen how important good-quality fabrics in blinds and curtains can be. They offer a multitude of advantages and make a lasting impact on your standard of living. Go for one that is well within your budget, and make a difference to your home by shopping now!

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