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Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication: Impress Using our Zebra Sheer Shades

Simplicity-Is-The-Ultimate-Sophistication -

Whether you have a new house and planning to decorate it yourself or planning to redecorate your old house? Are you confused – whether to go for a simple and classic look or go for grandeur? Well, you have actually come to the correct place. My personal belief is that grandeur makes people look at your house in awe but it’s always the classic, simple look that draws people in. When decors are simple yet sleek it radiates a kind of pleasing and happy surrounding. As Cedric Bledsoe rightly said, “Simplicity is the essence of happiness”, clear the clutter and go for a classy look they are never out of fashion. Windows are the main feature of any house – they bring character to the house and speak volumes of their nature to allow light and air. So in this article, we bring you few classic window decors from ZebraBlinds – not just to woo the visitors to your home but which can be handled effortlessly as well.


Let’s learn about the various Zebra Shades

Classic Zebra Sheer Window Shades


Zebra Sheer Window Shades


However modern we are, we can never forget the traditional ones. So if you only want traditional shades for your home classic Zebra Window Shades should definitely be your choice. These shades have the zebra-like pattern and look just like your old shades but give your home a sleekly contemporary look.


They present both sheer and light filtering fabrics in the same shade that creates a zebra like a pattern.

Elegantly diffused light and room darkening privacy make our Zebra Sheer Window Shades the perfect choice for your living room and bedroom. Zebra Sheer Window Shades and blinds, covered with extending layers of room darkening and light filtering fabrics, give your home the sleekly modern look you love — but with the easy functionality, you need a shade.
We do have an option here to align the shades to adjust the lighting filtering through or go for complete room darkening to give you privacy. And what more they are so easy to handle! If you are into retro looks, this your perfect pick.

Horizontal Light Filtering and Room Darkening Shades


Horizontal-Light-filtering-and-Room-darkening-Shades -


Apart from the traditional shades, there is a range of other horizontal shades available in Zebrablinds which gives your home a rather modern yet elegant ambiance. Horizontal Window Shadings consolidate the soft fabric of sheers with the beauty and ease of blinds. As they offer such an excellent combination of form and function, our Horizontal Window Shadings make an outstanding compliment to nearly any décor.
Light Filtering Zebra blinds and shades are also known as transitional shades. These shades offer both sheer and light filtering fabrics in the same shade that generates a zebra-like pattern.

You can raise these similar to traditional window treatments, where you also have the facility to adjust the front and back sections for privacy or to let any light to filter through. Keep your shades open during daytime hours and gain incredible view-through, close them partially to protect your house and home from damaging UV rays and intense light, or shut them entirely at night for the privacy you need.


Dual Layered Zebra Sheer Window Shades

Room-Darkening-Zebra-Sheer-Shades -



The dual-layered sheer shades come up with a double layer of soft sheer fabric with alternating layers of opaque and sheer fabric. When the opaque layers are regulated in the alternative position the shade is exposed as the closed position, it lets in filtered light while allowing privacy. If the sheer part of the fabrics is positioned parallel to each other, the shade is shown as the open. The sheer fabric of these shades smoothly filters natural light and the crop the harmful rays and prevent damage. Dual  Sheer shades are the ultimate choice in for their beauty and design and performance to any room. They offer the light control facility of horizontal blinds with the elegant tone of the sheer fabric.
As the sunlight streams in through the transparent sheer fabric of these shades, you see your world become smoothed with these shades.

Horizontal Flat Sheer Shades


Horizontal-Flat-Sheer-Shades -


During the day, keep your Flat Sheer Shades open, and enjoy the view of your outdoors.  Enjoy the benefit of privacy at the night. The change in privacy and light control is easier than what you would assume.
The contemporary style of these horizontal flat sheer shades offers you plenty of options when it comes to privacy. The Zebra Sheer Shades have lot many varieties of light filtering and room darkening sheer elfin fabrics in fascinating colors.


So you want stylish shades but you have a budget constraint? Then look up to the Graber’s bestselling Mezzanine Layered Sheer Shades from Zebrablinds. These shades are made up of parallel dual layers which give you a light-filled room, yet it gives you privacy as well.  These shades are made up of semi-opaque fabric material which gives you the complete light control. They also double up as barriers to the harmful solar energy entering the house. You can change the setting in this variety also – blurry view through to just see silhouettes and shapes, or complete room darkening, etc. They protect the valuables in your home and maintain the fresh look for few years making your peers wonder if you redecorated your house again!


Sheer shades are available in beautiful decorator colors with a choice of headrail styles and extra wide widths that cover which the other window shades can’t.

All these above-mentioned shades are crafted to suit windows of any size and they come in so many colors – subtle to eye-catchy. So what are you waiting for? Unleash the interior designer in you and shop at the ZebraBlinds as per your taste and requirement. With so many product ranges available don’t try to be too hard on your choices, the art is trying to keep it simple. You can see the final result yourself – comfortable, calm and elegant but a drool-worthy house.