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5 Useful Tips For Determining The Right Type of Blind For Your Room

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When buying windows treatment you will have to keep note of the fact that different rooms will have different requirements. As such, you will have to select a blind that will be suitable for a particular room. This is the topic we will be exploring in the following sections and we will look at different blinds and the rooms they are appropriate for.


Tip #1: Use Something for your Bathrooms that Withstands Humidity and Moisture


Faux Wood Blinds | Aluminum Mini Blinds

For bathrooms, you will need something that will be able to withstand the humidity and moisture. As such, you will have to look for options accordingly. Let us check some blinds which are well-suited for bathrooms.


Custom Faux Wood Blinds


Custom Faux Wood Blinds


Faux wood blinds (like the 1.5-inch faux wood blinds) look very similar to real wood blinds, providing your bathroom an elegant and classy feel. But, they do not face problems that wood blinds go through when they come in contact with moisture and humidity, which are warping and bending.


Aluminum Mini Blinds


Aluminum Mini Blinds


Another good option for bathrooms are the aluminum mini blinds since these blinds will not get damaged because of humid conditions in your bathroom. In addition, they will also not fade due to the fact that their color is directly on the material.


Tip #2: Use Something for your Bedroom that Meets Your Privacy and Light Control Needs


Venetian Blinds | Roman Blinds | Blackout Roller Blinds | Solar Blinds

Getting a sound sleep is a must for everyone and as such you need to select a blind that is able to effectively block out light and at the same time provide the required privacy. Let us look at few of the options you should explore.


Venetian Blinds

You can adjust these blinds to let natural light enter your bedroom during the day and get complete privacy during the night.


Fabric Roman Blinds


Fabric Roman Blinds


The fabric material of roman blinds effectively meets your privacy requirements and are able to block out the light as well.


Blackout Roller Blinds


Blackout Roller Blinds


Another option providing complete privacy is the blackout roller blinds (such as double layer roller blinds). In addition, these blinds also have a thermal coating which helps in keeping your room warm during winter months.


Solar Blinds


Solar Blinds


You will be able to see outside while solar blinds are drawn and another positive thing about them is that they are able to block harmful UV rays from entering your bedroom.


Tip #3: Use Something for your Kitchen that Does Not Get Affected by Moisture


Faux Wood Blinds | Solar Shades

In the kitchen, you will face the problem of moisture and humidity, similar to your bathroom. Thus, it will be important to select something which will not get affected by moisture. Unlike your bathroom, you can choose something with a little less privacy to let more light in and provide a better view while you are working in your kitchen.


Custom Faux Wood Blinds

If it is an over the sink window then wood blinds will not be the right option. Instead, faux wood blinds will work well in these conditions where water splashes will be normal.

Since faux wood blinds are water-resistant, you can simply wipe them off and they will look like new.


Solar Shades

If privacy is one of the main factors, but you’d still like to see outside, then you will want something which will block the view from outside and still let natural light come in.

Solar shades meet these requirements quite well and you can cook your favorite dishes without having to worry about passers-by on a busy street. These provide privacy during the day when it is brighter outside than inside.


Tip #4: Use Something for your Living Room that Matches Aesthetic Appeal of the Room


Wood Blinds | Solar Shades | Honeycomb Blinds

Looking for the best blinds for your living room? It is the heart of your home and a place where you and your family relax, watch TV, or read something. Additionally, it is also the main room where guests are entertained.

As such, while selecting window treatments for this room, you will have to take into consideration aesthetic appeal of the room and make the selection accordingly.

Apart from aesthetic appeal, you may well select something that meets other requirements such as light control, privacy, UV control, energy efficiency, and durability.

Let us look at the options you should explore.


Real Wood Blinds

Real Wood Blinds

Wood blinds are a great option to augment aesthetic appeal of your living room. In addition, they also provide good light control and meet your privacy needs.


Solar Shades

These shades are capable of blocking out UV rays, reduce glare and still let you see what is happening outside. Moreover, solar shades are available with different openness factors so that you can control your outside view.


Cellular Honeycomb Blinds

These are the right choice when you want to enhance privacy as well as improve energy efficiency.


Tip #5: Use Something for your Dining Room that Looks Composed and Welcoming


Roman Blinds And Shades | Drapery

The dining room is a place where family and friends meet and as such, it needs to provide a composed and welcoming environment. The window treatment should be able to provide your dining room a decorative touch and at the same time offer adequate light control (like what Graber perfect vue shades provide).

A few of the options that you should explore include:


Fabric Roman Blinds And Shades

There is no dearth of fabric and these shades help to provide your dining room with a structural as well as soft feel. If you require a formal look, then silk and damask are the fabrics to select, while striped linen or pattern are the right options for creating a casual setting.


Drapery Window Treatments

Drapery Window Treatments

Drapery can help provide a softness, a needed texture, and/or colors to your dining room. You can also layer them with wood blinds to create the desired look and feel.


In Conclusion

As we can see there is always an option available when you are looking for that right window treatment for a specific room.

If you would like us to help you out and guide you in making the right selection then just give us a call on our helpline number (1-866-881-8682) and our experts will suggest options which will be suitable for all your rooms.

Our experts will try to understand the type of décor you have in each of your rooms, the kind of windows you have, and your personal preferences with respect to light control, privacy, noise, energy efficiency, and other factors to make sure only the right window treatments are suggested.

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