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Color Matters! Find Out What Colors Work For You

Zebra Blinds

Zebra Blinds – Color Matters! Find Out What Colors Work for You

Many people underestimate the value color can have on one’s home. With the right color, you can transform any home into a place of magic. But that doesn’t mean we can just turn our home into an example of what it would be like to live in a kaleidoscope. It’s important to take a close look at exactly what color we’re about to use and how it can impact our home.

The Brighter, the Bigger:

Light but bright colors are so good for making your space feel open and large. Light and bright colors can make homes look bigger than they actually are. A coating of bright yellow or bright lime green will make your home seem spacious and lively. This kind of tactic is a great idea if one plans to sell their home. Paintjobs like this can raise the value of a home substantially, or at least make it look like a higher price is worth the money. A common tip here will be not to use white, despite being a bright color, white is less effective when compared alongside tinted colors. But when you use bright tinted exterior colors with white Zebra blinds, the combination works!

Entertain the Mind with Complexity:

If you’re someone who holds regular gatherings for your well-educated group of friends and wishes to make your home more welcoming, then go for the more “complex” colors. These colors are usually not primary colors, and instead, are a mix of colors with a lot of depth. The complexity mentioned here is how the colors aren’t as simple as “blue” or “pink” and instead offer a completely different hue that you, your family, and your friends can appreciate.

Red and Where it’ll Work:


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A lot of people say red is a color that symbolizes warmth, love, and comfort. However red also has an intense side, capable of evoking passion and aggressiveness depending on how it is used and who is influenced. So a softer red will be ideal for places like the kitchen or the living room. However, offsetting the red’s natural intensity with a cooler color is ideal to keep the room from getting monochromatic. For example, Graber cellular shades colors come in green or even blue. They can offset the red in a kitchen to keep it from overpowering the senses. When all else fails, white zebra blinds can go with many colors. However, if we need the intensity, we can stick to red and brown for places where we need to maintain our mental energy levels, like a study or a home office.


Custom Outdoor Shades


Red also has another aspect, heat. When winter rolls by, you can make a home look and feel warmer by adding red to your walls or use custom outdoor shades/blinds that come in red.

Now What if we’re Feeling a Little Blue?

As you already know, blue is one of the “cooler” colors. Looking at the color blue gives us a sense of relaxation. Blue is a very sought after color in a home. Homes that can successfully pull off the blue hue see a massive increase in their resale value. Blue kitchens and blue bedrooms are the most popular because of how important it is to relax (No one wants an angry cook!).

While red can keep a home looking warm in the winter, blue is the ideal color when dealing with the summer. When the heat wave rolls in, you can be sure your home could make you feel like the air is cooler than it actually is! With blue walls and white zebra blinds, you can be sure you’ll beat all but the hottest of summers.

Take a Blast from the Past

When choosing colors it’s a great idea to choose what you want based on how those colors can work for you. But this isn’t the only way, some of us also have memories of certain colors from when we were children. Colors like these bring to mind happier times, bringing us comfort when we need it. So if you have a color you’ve loved as a kid, then consider using that one.

How About Going Green?

While we would love to talk about the environment for a moment, we’re just talking about the color. Green gives one the feeling of being one with nature, offering them a sense of peace and absolute focus. Green is an ideal color for any workspace regardless of the nature of work. Coupled with white Zebra blinds, green walls are a boon for those who just want a place to work in silence. However, too much green can have the opposite effect. Combining green with yellow’s motivational quality can make a great study or even a bedroom for your child or children.

Other Colors that Work Spectacularly:


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  • Black is one of those high-risk, high-reward colors. You can either pull it off, or you cannot. Black makes the available space seem smaller than it actually is, so it isn’t the best option to use with walls. But a bright room that leads out into a patio with black custom patio shades can seem enchanting based on the layout.
  • A good color to consider is the energetic orange. If you feel like you or your child could use a pep up, adding orange to the room (best bet is the ceiling) could tip the scales in your favor.
  • Brown is a more down-to-earth color, perfect for those who prefer to remain centered and like a more “earthy” appearance to their homes. Adding white zebra blinds would be a killer move for dens with the color brown.
  • Bathrooms are more about “personal space” than the other rooms. For places like the bathroom, a lot of people prefer white because it represents cleanliness. However, bathrooms needn’t be just white, they can be any color you’re comfortable with.

So What Color Do You Pick? The Answer May Surprise You

While you may spend a lot of time researching which color would suit which wall, sometimes it is preferable to throw caution to the wind and pick what you feel most comfortable with. We only offer suggestions, but it is your home and it MUST be your choice. If you already have colors that you love in mind, then you should try them.

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