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Why You Need Z-wave Blinds In Every Room Of Your House?

Z-wave Window Blinds And Shades

Why You Need Z-Wave Window Blinds and Shades In Every Room of Your House?


Technology has entered and made a difference in every part of our lives. It has made our routines easy and efficient, and things that required a lot of manual effort before can now be done with the flick of a finger. The era of smartphones and online access for getting things done has brought about a revolutionary change.

Z-Wave Window Blinds And Shades

Z-Wave is a technology that focuses on better connectivity in your house. The aim is to build smartphones by adding more and more devices in your home such as light bulbs, sensors, heating controls, locks and so on. Z-Wave technology has recently also entered the world of window treatments and has brought about the huge change.

Earlier, we had to buy window blinds and curtains that either had to be operated manually to shove them aside or draw them together, or by the way of cords. These cords, while a fine addition at the time to make operation easier, had their own limitations that we have become quite familiar with. These limitations involved the cords becoming faulty over time and being unsafe for pets or children who roamed freely when unsupervised or in the absence of an adult in the house.

Hence, there is a burning need for buying blinds with motorized access. Z-Wave Blinds are here to resolve all your home treatment woes and offer you the best in design and features.


Z-Wave Window Blinds and Shades: Benefits of Having Them


In this section, we look at a few of the major advantages that Z Wave window blinds and shades bring to your house. A few of them are discussed as below:

1) Using Your Smartphone to Operate the Blinds

The functionality of the blinds can be synchronized with an app that you can download on your smartphone and control their movements through it. Now along with playing games and watching videos, you can have customized comfort at the flick of a finger or a tap on your phone.

2) Operating Blinds of Windows That Are Hard to Reach

There might be high windows in the house that are out of reach, that you might need a stool or ladder to climb up to operate. Why not instead get a remote control to open or close them? You can do that while sitting on your couch or bed.

3) Scheduled Timers

Have you ever been bothered by the sun’s glare early in the morning? Often we leave our blinds open in the night to let the cool breeze in. But when morning comes and the sun is up, its rays shine right on our face, preventing us from enjoying another hour of sleep. You can easily avoid that by setting timers through motorized access of your blinds. Set the time when you want your blinds closed or open. This will save you a lot of trouble and inconvenience.

4) Safe for Kids and Pets

Whether you like it or not, kids and pets in the house can cause a great deal of nuisance if they are not supervised. Naturally, you cannot be there with them all the time to check what they are up to. This is true especially when you have to leave for office and you have your darlings left alone in the house. When window blinds are within their reach, they can play with them, scratch them or get entangled in the cords. This is dangerous not just for the blinds but can also be hazardous to them. In the worst case scenario, your dog can chew on those cords or get entangled in them, leading to strangulation. It’s better to keep everyone safe by getting motorized Z Wave window blinds and shades.


Graber Motorized Window Treatments


Virtual Cord Graber Solar Shades


Graber is one of the best brands in window treatments that swear by its quality and high-level construction. With Virtual Cord Graber Solar shades, the brand has come up with very interesting window dressing ideas in the field of smart window treatments to make you’re simple even more simple and easy. Catering to modern homes, these shades are perfect for any indoors where you need a contemporary look with elegant and classy furnishing.

Graber motorized window treatments in solar shades prevent against harmful UV rays and heat while securing your furniture, floor, gadgets and other important portions of your house. By reducing the temperature inside the house, these shades also offer energy efficiency. At the same time, they help retain the outside view of the house with their openness factor. The motorized system connects the shades to the smart hubs like Vera Plus, Wink, and Samsung Smart Things and manages the heat with their temperature sensors. Depending on the season, the shades adjust themselves to cool or heat up the house. Also coming with their timer feature, they can be automatically raised or lowered depending on the time of the day. The solar shades also come with different kinds of remotes for hard-to-reach windows as well as controlling shades in multiple rooms or different shades in the same room.

Z- Wave Graber Cellular Shades

  • The Virtual Cord Z-Wave system is also available in cellular window shades by Graber
  • Their functionality is carried out by way of a control button which is integrated with the end cap coordinated to the headrail
  • This allows the shade to be controlled almost anywhere in the house, from up to a distance of 65 feet
  • With the Z-wave mesh network or by using a smart hub, you can control your shades from virtually anywhere you have wifi
  • The Virtual Cord, or VC, is powered by an Integrated battery case and Plug-in Transformer, among other things
  • As complicated as that may sound, the cellular shades can be operated very smoothly and can be set up and installed just as easily
  • With their sturdy construction, they can easily manage energy efficiency and heat gain or loss as per your requirement

Hence, the era of Z-Wave Blinds is meant to make things as uncomplicated for you as possible. Z-Wave technology is a thing of the future, and Z-Wave enabled blinds and shades are gaining in popularity because of their features, design and motorized processes. So what are you waiting for? Shop for the best Z-Wave window treatments and obtain the many benefits of smart shades.

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