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Z-Wave Shades: A Super Easy & Affordable Way to Automate Your Window Treatments

It’s all about Z-wave – a convenient and affordable technology for automating your shades.

What is Z-Wave?
Z-wave is a form of communication used in smart motorized systems for connecting to a smart hub. Z-wave systems use a 2-way RF mesh networking technology. This mesh network allows commands to hop from one Z-wave device to the next, ensuring that commands are received successfully and allowing remote signals to travel around obstacles and across longer distances.

There are many advantages to Z-wave Smart Motorized Shades:

Z Wave
The first advantage that Z-wave technology offers is convenience. Z-wave shades are operated with the press of a button. Relax and let Z-wave work for you. You can easily adjust window shades in hard-to-reach locations. If you are connected to your hub, you can operate your cheap motorized shades anytime, anywhere. You can also program your shades to automatically close at dusk once you turn the lights on.

Energy Efficient
Set your Z-wave motorized shades to automatically adjust themselves according to temperature or time of day, saving your energy bills.

How to set up your Z-wave shades

The following procedure describes how to set up your Z-wave shades:

· Establish the power connection.
· Connect the power to the motor installed in the shade.
· Use the Virtual Cord to move the shade.
· The shade moves when the Virtual Cord is pressed.

z wave 2

You can do a lot of things with Z-wave shades. If you want to add these to a hub for more control, or just need help troubleshooting, consult our knowledge base here.

1. Press and release up/down while the shade is at rest; this moves the shade automatically to the upper or lower limit.
2. Press and release up/down while the shade is in motion: this stops the shade.
3. Press and hold up or down to move the shade while the button is held.

Google Home and Z-wave

With Z-wave, your Google Home can control your smart devices around the house. Connect your shades to a smart hub, like Smart Things, and connect that to Google Home. You’ll be able to send commands to your shades through voice.

Are they affordable?

Smart motorization sounds like the future in every way – including the cost – but they are very affordable and are a popular choice for the common household.

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