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What Are The Ideal Window Treatments For Tall Windows?

Z wave Roman Shades

Dress Up Your Tall Windows With The Magical Z wave Roman Shades


Tall windows are always beautiful. With tall and wide windows, we can add beauty to your outdoors and indoors as well. They make your home look more spacious and offer a lovely ambiance. Tall windows are unique on their own. They make your home look more sophisticated by offering a classy look. For the homes with a lovely outdoors, these windows bring the beauty of the outdoors inside your home and make you indoors look so beautiful. If you have got a beautiful lake or a beach or anything looks beautiful to view through your windows, these windows do an excellent job of helping you keep that view while you are inside.

But these windows can also be problematic. A home with tall windows needs to be maintained with constant care.


What Are The Problems That A Home with Tall Windows Encounters?


#1. Privacy

Our home is a place where we just are ourselves. So privacy is one of the main concerns if you have got tall windows. Since they are tall and wide, they offer the maximum view for the outsiders to see inside. We cannot enjoy our personal space within the home as these windows fail to offer us the required amount of privacy. Definitely, none of us would feel comfortable to spend time in the places where outsiders can view in and do not allow the required amount of privacy. If you have got tall and wide windows, you got to be conscious of the privacy of your living spaces.

#2. Light Control

Tall windows let in a lot of light and heat. This makes us feel uncomfortable at times. The UV rays that enter your home through your windows can cause a lot of health issues. In this way, they cannot offer light control for your home. They also result in causing glare which can disturb you while you watch your favorite TV show on the television.

#3. Insulation and Energy Efficiency

These window treatments allow a lot amount of heat and cold to enter your home. They make your home hot during the summers and cold during the winters. The outside weather can show an extreme effect on your home temperature. Hence you have to use your home electronics a lot to maintain the room temperature during the summers and the winters too. This results in the rise of your home energy bills. In this way, they fail to insulate your home and make it energy efficient.

#4. Protection

As these windows allow the greatest view to the outsiders, these windows definitely cause a risk as they allow anyone to look inside, compromising not only your privacy but your security as well.

You do not have to worry about all these concerns as the modern window treatments help you address all the above-discussed problems caused by the tall and wide windows. Many people think that the tall windows are difficult to dress up. But they are actually not. With the right choice of window treatments, you can dress them up in the best way and dress your home to look beautiful to the maximum extent.

The following are the various window treatment suggestions to dress up your tall and wide windows.


Exterior Roll Up Shades


Exterior Roll Up Shades


Roller solar window treatments are one of the types of window treatments that are excellent in offering excellent sun protection and privacy. These are Outdoor Wind Blocking Shades. They are available in a wide range of fabrics and colors. The ambiance and insulation of your home totally depend on the color and fabric you choose for your home. The fabric is available in different levels of openness. So, they are completely flexible to customize them the way you want them.


Z wave Roman Shades


Z wave Roman Shades


Z wave Roman shades add glamour and romance to any type of living spaces. Offering the sleek and smooth fabric touch to your windows, they make your home comfortable. They offer great protection and privacy to your home. Again, the ambiance and the light control of your home totally depends on the fabric and the color you choose. These window treatments are available in the highest number of colors, fabrics, and designs offering you the maximum customization so that you can design your home in the best way you want. They can be operated with a remote or a smartphone which makes them look sophisticated and also easy to access.


Top Down Bottom Up Cellular Shades


Top Down Bottom Up Cellular Shades


Cellular shades are so very popular for their wonderful work in insulating the home and making it energy efficient. Besides insulating your home, they also offer your home the greatest protection and privacy. The top down bottom up cellular shades can be operated the way you want them to be. They can be raised from the bottom and opened from the top. Place them in the right place, considering the sunlight of the day, to avoid glare and harsh sunlight entering your home.

Cellular window shades are available in two different thicknesses: single and double cell. For a greater level of protection and insulation, you can choose the double cell cellular shades and insulate your home in the best way. Cellular shades are also present in many types of colors and designs. Choose the one that fits your style and personality and also matches your interior home decor so that you can make your home look the best.


Drapery Window Treatments


Drapery Window Treatments


Drapery window treatments add beauty and aesthetics to your home. You can combine the above window treatments with the drapery window treatments and offer better looks and insulation for your home. Choose the perfect Brackets For Drapery Rods for a finished look for your windows. You can also combine these window treatments with wood valances and cornice boards for a finished look.

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