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Upgrading The Look And Feel of Compact Apartments with Z-Wave Blinds

Z-Wave Home Automation

There are several window treatments on the market. Each comes with its own sets of benefits and appearance. To decide which one goes well with your interior home décor, you need to do some research. No window shade has similar properties, and deciding which one is the best according to the look and feel of your home requires serious forethought.


Z-Wave Home Automation For Upgrading The Look of Your Home


Technology is updating fast and efficient, and several products in the market are privy to that. Home window treatments are no less, and to make things even more convenient for you, we have motorized blinds for your convenience. Operate them from a corner of your house and keep them safe from children and pets. Z-Wave home automation products, in particular, come with a myriad of features besides fabulous designs to offer a tidy and neat appearance.

Z-Wave automated systems have become the go-to choice for smart, modernized homes. Z-wave technology has found its way to developing smart products such as speakers, motion sensors, bulbs, and gesture controllers, thermostats,


Smart Blinds And Shutters: Window Treatments Enabled By Z-Wave Technology


In this section, we look at a few of the window treatments enabled by Z-Wave breakthrough technology, which can upgrade the look and feel of your compact apartments by a dozen.


Virtual Cord Single and Double Cell Honeycomb Shades


Virtual Cord Single and Double Cell Honeycomb Shades


With the help of motorized remote controls, revel in the comfort of your home, enjoy watching TV, reading your couch or simply sit back and relax in your bed. You do not need to move an ounce with the new cornerstone of modern technology these Z-Wave-enabled products bring to you.

Available in multiple colors such as Apollo, Chalk, Poppyseed, Riverbed, and Lime Chiffon, these honeycomb shades provide such versatility to you that you will be left gushing over their splendid construction and design.

Their length and width can also be customized and they are available in ¾-inch wide single and double cells. Graber’s Virtual cord is very easy to install and simple to operate. It is powered by a Battery case and a Plug-in transformer that includes an extension cable and a power cord. They are well fitted to a sturdy headrail which controls their movement.


FashionPleat Graber Virtual Cord Shades


FashionPleat Graber Virtual Cord Shades


Simple to operate and function, these Z-Wave enabled VC shades are perfect to use in a house with children and pets. They boast of a tidy and simple design with an LED operation system. They have push-button controls for a simple and quiet operation and a protection feature that limits the damage caused to the shade by any external factors.

With a low voltage motorization, these virtual cord shades do not threaten huge electricity bills or costly electrical hard-wiring. Their installation is an uncomplicated process and they also come with a five-year manufacturer warranty. They are available in a huge pool of colors, some of them including Crossweave Brick, Desert Sandstone, Geneva Frost White, and Tundra.


EvenPleat Graber Virtual Cord Shades


EvenPleat Graber Virtual Cord Shades


Offering a perfect amalgamation of utility, comfort and an indelible aesthetic appeal, these shades provide everything you expect with Z-Wave motorized control window treatments. They can be mounted on any window, either outside or inside. With the latter, proper measurements must be in place of the window beforehand. This saves time and effort and does not delay the installation procedure.

A modern, state-of-the-art control system defines their being without the need of having dangling cords which are unsafe and redundant.  You can also schedule when they will open and close according to your waking and going-to-sleep times. This feature is especially useful when you are leaving the house and the shades are left open. Along with that, the shades have light sensors pre-installed in the device that makes them lower or raise according to the level of sunlight outside. When it is hot, they will automatically lower to protect the home from heating up, and will automatically rise again when the weather becomes pleasant.


Graber Blackout Virtual Cord Cellular Shades


Graber Blackout Virtual Cord Cellular Shades


With Z-Wave based smart automation systems, these blinds can easily be controlled through a smartphone or a table once they are integrated with the shades. You need to first ensure that both devices are compatible enough to function together. These blackout shades offer protection from the sun and give you ultimate solitude and peace, free from the disturbance of outside noises or heat.

They have a soft-start motion with the motor located on the right side of the shades. With efficient radio technology enabling multiple options such as Bottom Up, Top Town, Sky Track and Top Down only, they are reliable Z-Wave technology-based cellular shades that are perfect solutions to your home décor woes.


Advantages of Z-Wave Motorized Blinds

Let’s look at some of the key benefits of having Z-Wave blinds in your home.


1) Safety: Do away with cords and strings that only pose inconvenience and confusion in operation and which are prone to damage. This affects the functioning of the blinds and is dangerous to kids and pets who might get entangled in them.

2) UV Protection: With cellular and honeycomb shades and blinds which protect you against the merciless heat and glare, motorized blinds from Z-Wave are shining examples of multi-purpose technology. They also help protect against harmful ultraviolet radiations that can damage the skin and have detrimental effects on your eyes over the long run.

3) Energy Efficiency: We all know what happens to homes which are exposed to extreme heat in summers and chilling winds during winters, especially when the place is compact and small. Getting the right shade will keep the temperature neutral inside any type of home, thus saving on high air conditioning and electric heaters’ costs.

4) Motorized Controls: As already mentioned, with Z-Wave automated controls, you will get the best of modern technology by using smartphones or tablets to sync the movements of your shades. You can either choose to use the controls from a distance without walking over to the blinds or time them according to the intensity of the sun.

5) Privacy: Even if you are not a recluse, having some privacy to your homes, especially when you have large Palladian windows, is of paramount importance. After all, you wouldn’t want your nosy neighbors to know exactly what goes on behind closed doors, right? Privacy is as desirable to the common individual as anything else, and Z-Wave motorized blinds recognize this need of people. They come with cellular and faux wood blinds that prove to be the best blackout shades for the bedroom. Their blackout material absorbs sound and blocks out the outside view completely whenever you need them to.

In Conclusion

Z-Wave technology automated systems have entered the realm of window blinds to give us a scintillating user experience that can be customized according to our wants. Offering the best of the world with their multiple features and benefits, they are one of the most sought-after things in the market.

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