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Your Skylight Is Destroying Your Home’s Energy Efficiency – Here’s How To Fix It

Your Skylight Is Destroying Your Home's Energy Efficiency - Here's How To Fix It

Skylight Windows: Advantages and Drawbacks

Skylights are an innovative feature in any house as it lets in natural sunlight; thereby, making the rooms look more spacious and brighter. In spaces like attics, bathrooms, and kitchens, the lack of natural light can make these spaces dim and uninviting. Having skylight windows in these spaces not only let natural light in, but provide an additional view of the outside as well.

Why Are Skylight Blinds Crucial?

Speaking of the downsides of skylight windows, the first thing to note is that they can cause your house to overheat during the summertime due to the direct glare of the sun. As a result of direct exposure to the sunlight, pieces of furniture may also begin to fade and show discoloration. In addition, too much light caused by the skylight window can be a hindrance to a restful sleep being done during the day.

Secondly, they can easily let cold air in during the winter time; thereby, creating an undesirable environment indoors. These factors may lead you to cover the skylight windows with window treatments so that the outside light can be filtered. In other words, skylight windows can negatively affect your home’s energy efficiency if they are not taken care of or covered with proper window treatments. 

If the skylight windows in your room are barren, it can make your house look dull and monotonous. With skylight blinds, you can stylize your windows and make your house look welcoming and well-maintained. These blinds give you the flexibility and the convenience to filter light from outside as well as to protect your house from excessive heat or cold. These blinds also play a huge role in beautifying the interiors of your house. 

Retractable manually-operated skylight shades help in protecting your carpets, furniture, wall paints, and so on, from the harmful UV rays of the sun. If you want to take your window functionality up a notch, opt for the retractable and motorized skylight blinds. These smart blinds use a motor which you can control with a remote for your convenience. Some other options for skylight window coverings to consider are Venetian blinds, pleated shades, and cellular blinds. 

The Best Options for Blocking Out/Filtering Skylight

Skylight shades and blinds can help cover your skylights and even beautify your interior decor. These blinds come in various types which are aesthetic, highly functional, as well as versatile to make your lifestyle more comfortable and optimal.

The world-renowned brand, Graber, offers stellar motorized and retractable skylight blinds, cellular shades, and many more window treatment options with unique features. Some of the best window treatment options by Graber for covering skylight windows are as follows:

Cellular Honeycomb Shades

As their name suggests, honeycomb shades have a cell-like multi-layered structure which makes them the top pick for better insulation and energy-saving. Their advanced design helps in trapping air and creating a buffer between the rooms and the windows; thereby, allowing you to save heaps on electricity bills. They are also vital for blocking out the harmful UV rays of the sun, ensuring a comfortable living indoors especially during the heat of summer.

  • Automated/Motorized Control

As opposed to manually operated shades, motorized and fully automated shades ensure easy and smooth functioning. These blinds are a boon for all as they can be controlled with the touch of a button. Through remote control, one can open and close these blinds as per one’s liking.

  • Blackout Option

Blackout blinds and fabrics are also a great option to cover the skylight in your house. Depending on the blind’s opacity, you can either partially block out the incoming light or do so completely by closing the blinds. This feature allows you to watch television during the day without any distracting glare of the sun. If you open and close these blinds during particular times of the day, they can create higher energy efficiency. 

Final Thoughts

While skylights brighten your house, they can also make your room temperature too hot or too cold. They can disturb your sleeping pattern and do great damage to your furnishings, carpets, and so on. Thankfully, with skylight blinds, all of these issues can be tackled so that you can enjoy a greater level of comfort, interior decor, and overall increased flexibility when it comes to the skylight windows in your home.

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