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You Need These Water Resistant Window Coverings For Your Bathroom


Window coverings are one of the key decor items that can make or break any bathroom. Window coverings for bathrooms have to satisfy three requirements namely, privacy, light control, and durability. Bathroom windows are prominently hard to cover elegantly, mainly due to oddly shaped windows and individual privacy requirements. Window coverings for bathrooms are more than just decoration for windows as they offer privacy to the most personal space in the house. Water-resistant window coverings are important as well, as they can withstand steam and moisture buildup that often occurs in a bathroom.

How to Choose the Perfect Bathroom Window Coverings

Shades, shutters, and blinds make perfect window coverings for bathrooms. However, while narrowing down your choices, consider your privacy requirements, the location of your windows, and which bathroom window treatments are durable enough to bear high heat and humidity. While choosing window treatments for the bathroom, you will have to remember the following parameters:

  • Moisture Resistance

When you are selecting window coverings for your shower room or bathroom, moisture is going to be a concern. Due to this, window coverings made of materials resistant to moisture, like vinyl mini blinds and faux wood shutters, are ideal for combating mildew and mold and are also easy for cleaning and maintaining.

  • Privacy Control

Bathrooms are one of the most private spaces in a house. Mini vinyl or aluminum blinds and vinyl roller shades are great options for privacy control in a bathroom. Cellular shades with bottom-up or top-down options offer an exterior view while retaining privacy for bathrooms where sightlines from aloft aren’t a problem or for bathrooms located on the top floor.

  • Light Filtering

In a bathroom, the presence of natural sunlight is commonly the most preferred factor. This is because it makes a room appear brighter and larger, assists with precise shaving, and also improves your mood. However, as privacy in bathrooms is also crucial, light-filtering window coverings let in natural sunlight without compromising on privacy. While the cellular shades provide a scattered radiance of sunlight, the faux wood shutter slats can be set to allow the ideal degree of sunlight while obstructing the view from outside.

  • Style

While deciding on a window treatment for your bathroom, you need to be aware of what mood you are trying to introduce into the room and also about your current decorating plan. While faux wood blinds offer a modern, upscale appearance, faux wood shutters in classic white add a timeless style.

Water-Resistant Window Coverings For Your Bathroom

If you are looking for the most elegant window treatments for bathrooms that accent your bathroom interior and that are also water resistant, then here are a few options you can begin with:

  1. Faux Wood Blinds

When it comes to window coverings for bathrooms, faux wood blinds are one of the best and versatile bathroom window treatments. Faux wood blinds are unsusceptible to high moisture areas and won’t break or warp due to moisture. These blinds offer the elegance of real wood blinds at a reasonable price. Choose from the various stains you want the most and customize the slat size based on your requirements. These blinds are made of easy-to-clean and durable materials, like composite wood and PVC. These blinds are ideal for those who live in high humid regions or for those having a bathroom with direct sunlight during most of the day.

  1. Vinyl Shutters

Shutters are like custom cabinetry for a window due to their rich, classic appearance. Vinyl window shutters are an excellent choice for adding casual style and traditional elegance to a home. However, these shutters that possess the rustic appearance of wood don’t warp or crack like wood. The practical side of this window treatment is that it can be opened or closed whenever required. Once the shutters are opened, you will allow plenty of natural sunlight to enter, and you can then close them while taking a shower to restore complete privacy. If you want more natural sunlight to enter, then use café style shutters and install them on the lower part of the window to obtain both privacy and an outside view.

  1. Roman Shades

Roman shades provide you all that is expected from typical bathroom window coverings because they are efficient, functional, and present an attractive statement. These shades allow light control and make the bathrooms look classy and elegant by offering softness to your bathroom’s hard surfaces. Pick a fabric and style that complements the tone of your bathroom. Also, while selecting fabrics for high moisture areas like the bathroom, ensure that it is water-resistant. Choose Roman shades with a bathroom window covering fabric that is resistant to mildew and moisture, and that can spot cleaned easily.

  1. Roller Shades

Roller shades are ideal for bathrooms due to their ease of use, transparency options, and resistance to moisture. They can be raised easily during the day to allow light to enter when required. Roller shades feature a sleek profile and actually disappear into the top of the window frame when they are raised. These shades are also unsusceptible to wet conditions. For bathrooms with a beautiful outside view, roller shades offer a light filtering feature while preserving a moderate amount of privacy. While dark and opaque fabric colors darken the bathroom, bright light filtering materials let in a little more natural light.

  1. Bamboo Natural Woven Shades

With bamboo natural woven wood shades you can offer an exotic touch to your bathroom. A wide range of sizes, textures, and colors are available. This implies you can refresh your bathroom and infuse a shade of exotic reeds, grass, or sophisticated wood into your bathroom. These shades filter the natural sunlight into a bathroom. When you want to let in the natural sunlight, you can raise them and watch the beautiful accordion pleats they create.

Bottom Line

While selecting the perfect window covering for your bathroom, it is essential to spend some time picking an option that will withstand a humid atmosphere, accentuate the decor style of the bathroom, and also offer a great balance between privacy and lighting. From very durable, water-resistant window coverings to simple, cool, or colorful window treatments to coordinate with your home’s decor style, you have various functional and elegant options to pick from for an ideally comfortable bathroom.